Department Chair: Martin J. Streck: Igneous Petrology, Geochemistry, Volcanology

John Bershaw: Basin Analysis, Stratigraphy, Paleoclimate, Stable Isotope Geochemistry

Adam Booth: Quantitative Geomorphology

Jonathan Fink: Volcanology, Fluid Dynamics, Urban Systems, Sustainability

Robert B. Perkins: Geochemistry, Hydrogeology

Alex M. Ruzicka: Meteorites, Planetary Science, Geochemistry

Ashley Streig: Active Tectonics, Paleoseismology

Fixed-Term Faculty

Richard C. Hugo: Geomicrobiology, Electron Microscopy, K-12 outreach.

David Percy ("Percy"): Geospatial databases, Web GIS, Data Science

Adjunct Faculty

Sheila Alfsen: General Geology, Oceanography, Paleontology, Online Course Design

Reed Burgettee: Structural geology, Neotectonics

Matthew Brunengo: Engineering Geology, Geomorphology, Snow Hydrology

Steve Carlson: Volcanology, Earth Science Education for teachers, Field Science

Megan Faust: Stratigraphy and Geoscience Education 

Frank Granshaw: Geoscience, Sustainability Education, Glacial Geology

Eduardo 'Lalo' Guerrero: Tectonic Geomorphology and Quaternary Stratigraphy

Melinda Hutson: Meteorites, Planetary Sciences, Cosmochemistry.

William Orr: General Geology, Oceanography

Erik Shafer: General Geology

Barry Walker: General Geology, Oceanography

Courtesy Appointment (non-faculty)

Erick Burns: USGS - Research Hydrologist

Jim Jackson: Oil, Gas, Regional Geology

Barry Maynord: Research and graduate education in the geochemistry of metals - University of Cincinnati

Carl Palmer: Geological Sciences - Idaho National Laboratory

Randy Smith: Microscopy & Microanalysis

David Taylor: Mesozoic paleontology and stratigraphy

Ray Weldon: Structural Geology and Neotectonics, University of Oregon

John Wolf: Environmental Geology, Volcanology, Pertology - Washington State University

Emeritus Faculty

Michael L. Cummings: Volcanic Stratigraphy, Mineralogy, Petrology.

Curt D. Peterson: Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, Coastal Processes. 

Scott F. Burns: Geomorphology, Soils, Environmental Geology.

Sherry L. Cady: Biogeochemisty, Life in Extreme Environments.

Andrew G. Fountain: Geomorphology, Glaciology, Remote Sensing

Kenneth M. Cruikshank: Geomechanics, Data Analysis, Structural Geology

Paul E. Hammond: Cascades Geology

Ansel G. Johnson: Geophysics, Groundwater

Richard H. Thoms: Emeritus Professor. Paleontology. 

Geology Laboratory Staff

Alexandra Franco

Geology Office Staff

Alisa Humphrey

Geology Main Office

Email: geodept@pdx.edu

Phone: 503-725-3022