PSU Geology Seminar Series

Spring Term Seminar Series

PSU Geology /SOE/USGS/OSU Water Resources Seminar Series
Broadcast via ZOOM* Wednesdays at 4 PM (Except May 19, at Noon) *Unique Zoom for this session

April 7     "Flow and Transport in Agricultural Ecosystems and the Natural
Environment: Advances and Applications in Soil, Water, Energy and Food Systems"
Dr. Chrisophe Darnault, Clemson University

April 14    "How Will Climate Change Impact Water Management and Rating Curves for Columbia River Dams?"
Ben Zelinsky , Bonneville Power Administration

April 21     "Environmental Justice and Urban Innovation"
Dr. Elizabeth Mack, Michigan State University

April 28     "Modeling the Effects of Projected Climate Change on Hydrology in the
Stillaguamish River Basin"
Dr. Bob Mitchell, Western Washington University

May 5     "Dam Management Affects Gross Primary Production Up to 400 km
Downstream in a Large Desert Southwest River"
Dr. Bridget Deemer, USGS

May 12     "Assessing Water Stress in Large Cities: How Water Utilities Adapt Using Infrastructure                and Institutions"
Dr. Julie Padowski, Washington State University

May 19      (*Noon*)     "Classification and Similarity for Global Hydrology"
Dr. Ross Woods, University of Bristol

May 26     "Ecohydrology: Another Reason to Love Georgia"
Dr. Luke Pangle, University of Georgia

June 2     "The Tight Coupling Between Forests and Water And Why This Matters '
Dr. Naomi Tague, University of California, Santa Barbara


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