Geography Major

The geography program gives students an appreciation and understanding of the human environment on global, regional, and local scales. It provides background and requisite training for careers in resource, planning, environmental, or education fields. Geography majors find work in urban and natural resource management, spatial/GIS analysis, urban planning, map design and production, and statistical analysis. Geography is the lead department on campus for training in GIS, remote sensing, cartography, and spatial analysis.

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For information about the Geography B. A. and B. S. degrees, including degree maps, please check the Bulletin.

Requirements for the Geography Major

Physical Geography (.pdf) 12 Credits
Geographic Techniques (.pdf)  12 Credits
Human Geography (.pdf)  12 Credits
Regional Geography 12 Credits (No longer required beginning Fall 2021)
Geography Electives 12 Credits (16 credits beginning Fall 2021)

Total for Geography Major 
60 Credits (52 credits beginning Fall 2021)

PDF of major requirements
Course descriptions

The 60 credits of course work in Geography must include a minimum of 16 credits at the 400-level

Geog 210, 230 and 380U are required. Geog 230 may be taken for either human or regional geography, but not both.

Courses used to satisfy the departmental major requirements must be graded A, B, or C (with no grade below C-)

Please note:  the B.S. in Geography requires STAT 243 and STAT 244 OR GEOG 496 (Introduction to Spatial Quantitative Analysis).

Geography Minor

Geography is a broad discipline that encompasses natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities.  The Geography minor complements most majors and offers a broad foundational background of knowledge about the world and spatial sciences. Students can either specialize in a particular area of geography such as environmental issues and sustainability or urban and cultural studies, or can further broaden their interests and perspectives by taking upper level geography courses in different areas of geography (e.g., physical, human, and GIS). We welcome students of any major who wish to expand their knowledge of the world, from the local area to the global perspective.

To earn a minor in geography a student must complete a minimum of 28 credits in geography (at least 12 credits of which must be taken in residence at Portland State University, and 16 of which must be upper division), to include the following:

Requirements for the Geography minor 

  • GEOG 210 Physical Geography - 4 credits
  • GEOG 230 Environment & Society: Global Perspectives - 4 credits
  • GEOG 380U Maps & Geographic Information - 4 credits
  • Geography electives (upper division) - 16 credits

Total minimum credits for Geography Minor
28 credits

All courses used to satisfy the department minor requirements, whether taken in the department or elsewhere, must be graded C- or above.

Students should contact an undergraduate advisor at with any questions about the geography minor.

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