Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty

Idowu (Jola) Ajibade, Assistant Professor of Geography
Political ecology, global climate change, disaster risk reduction, development studies, gender, urbanization and future cities, environmental justice, environmental governance, human rights, qualitative methods
503.725.3167 iajibade@pdx.edu

Alida Cantor, Assistant Professor of Geography
Water resources management, legal geography, environmental justice, political ecology, feminist science and technology studies, human-environment geography
503.725.3165 acantor@pdx.edu

Heejun Chang, Professor of Geography
Hydrology & water resources, climate change impact assessment, ecosystem services, visual spatial analysis, GIS
503.725.3162  changh@pdx.edu

Jiunn-Der (Geoffrey) Duh, Associate Professor of Geography and Director of GIS Programs
GIS Certificate Program Coordinator
GIS, remote sensing, spatial decision support systems, ecological and socioeconomic processes
503.725.3159  jduh@pdx.edu

Andrés Holz, Associate Professor of Geography 
Forest dynamics, disturbance ecology, climate-fire-human relationships 
503.725.3158 andres.holz@pdx.edu

Martin Lafrenz, Associate Professor of Geography and Department Chair
Geomorphology and water resources, land use change, GIS
503.725.3163  lafrenz@pdx.edu

Paul Loikith, Associate Professor, and Director of the Portland State Climate Science Lab
Climate science, meteorology, climate and weather extremes
503.725.3078 ploikith@pdx.edu

Martin Swobodzinski, Assistant Professor of Geography 
Geographic information science, behavioral geography, spatial cognition, transportation
503.725.3164 swobod@pdx.edu

Non-Tenure-Track Faculty

David Banis, Associate Director, Center for Spatial Analysis and Research and Adjunct Professor of Geography
Applied GIS, map design, cultural geography, natural resource management
503.725.8903 dbanis@pdx.edu

Chris Grant, Senior Instructor
Cartography, geospatial analysis, developing effective methods for teaching GIS
503.725.2558 cag2@pdx.edu

Nancee Hunter, Research Assistant Professor, Director of the Center for Geography Education in Oregon 
Geography education and teacher professional development
503.725.3928 nhunter@pdx.edu

Andrew Martin, Research Assistant Professor 
Hydrometeorology, numerical weather prediction, cloud microphysics, atmospheric chemistry, water resources in the Western United States

Hunter Shobe, Associate Professor
Cultural, urban, and political geography, sense of place, urban landscapes, uses of public spaces
503.725.3079 hshobe@pdx.edu

Current Master's Students

Explore geography master's student theses and research papers at PDXScholar.

Student; Advisor; Interests/Topics

Rebecca Anderson: Cantor; Sustainable water resource management that benefits water users and ecosystems, groundwater and aquifer depletion in the Western U.S.
Claire Brumbaugh-Smith: SwobodzinskiCritical GIS, Participatory GIS, Web Mapping, and Open Source GIS
Andrew Christensen: LafrenzFluvial Geomorphology, Stream and Watershed Restoration, GIS, Land Use Impacts on Fluvial Systems
Jillian Farley: Cantor
Andrew Fritter: DuhUsing Hyperspectral Imagery to assess tree health and classify tree species distributions
Ilan Gonzalez-Hirschfeld: Loikith
Katharine Gregory: Ajibade
Krista Harrington: Cantor; Fisheries management, tribal water governance, water rights, water policy, and climate resilience and adaptation
Harvey Hembree: ChangUsing spatial statistics to predict and model stream temperature in an urbanizing basin
Spencer Keller: Swobodzinski
Jennifer Litteral: Holz
Will Long: Changfluvial geomorphology, next-generation water sensing techniques, and watershed modeling
Chris Lower: AjibadeIndigenous-led conservation, equity-based resource management, and climate resilience and migration
Jillian Malone: Cantor/Hunter; Human ecology, environmental education, and climate justice
Lauren McKinney-Wise: DuhPPGIS, GIS education, data literacy, and using GIS techniques to analyze the spatial distribution/range of endangered species in Oregon
Alicia Milligan: DuhHuman ecology, mapping and public participation GIS, humanitarian GIS related efforts, cartography and web mapping
Andrew Muller: DuhUtilizing UAVs to assess river systems
Chad Nasr: Chang
Josefa Ovalle: Holz
Bruce Rash: Lafrenz
Lauren Sharwood: DuhUsing remote sensing and GIS to study land use/land cover change and its impact on vegetation health and biodiversity
Meghan Sullivan: AjibadeSocially-inclusive climate change adaptation and disaster risk management in Portland and abroad
Rebecca Talbot: ChangSpatial and temporal variations of microplastic pollution in Portland metro streams
Graham Taylor: Loikith;Climate change impacts on Pacific Northwest weather, Spatial Statistics, GIS
Douglas Thalacker: Holz
Alex Troy: DuhComparison of GIS Methods for Estimating the Social Vulnerability in Response to Natural Hazards
Noel Vineyard: CantorPolitical Ecology, Resource Conflict, Water & Food Systems, and GIS 
Elinore Webb: LafrenzGIS, geomorphology, and the spatial distribution of arbuscular mycorrhizae in Oregon coastal wetlands       

Current Ph.D. Students

Student; Advisor; Interests/Topics

Paola Arroyo Vargas: Holz
Sebastian Busby: HolzPolitical Ecology, Resource Conflict, Water & Food Systems and GIS
Junjie Chen: ChangModeling hydrologic impacts of climate change and landscape change in western US using spatialtemporal analysis
Hue Doung: ChangVulnerability assessment to flood inundation in urban areas: A comparison between Portland, Oregon and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Michael Egge: AjibadePolitical ecology, environmental justice, and water security/sustainability
Arun Pallathadka: ChangClimate Change Adaptation, Sustainability, Urban Resilience, Water Resources and Socioeconomic and Cultural Impacts of Climate Change
Emily Slinskey: Loikith
Bethani Turley: Cantor
Shelby Weiss: Lucash; How fire frequency and climate change affect carbon dynamics and species composition in boreal forests in interior Alaska
Kyla Zaret: HolzSocial-ecological systems; changing disturbance regimes and ecosystem resilience; forested peatland