Geography Courses

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Note: Courses in your major department or used to satisfy the requirements for a first major cannot be used to meet the cluster requirements

Physical Geography:

Geog 210 Physical Geography
Geog 310U Climate and Water Resources
Geog 311U Climatology
Geog 312U Climate Variability
Geog 313U Biogeography
Geog 314U Severe Weather
Geog 320 Geomorphic Processes
Geog 322U Alpine Environments
Geog 333U Weather
Geog 340U Global Water Issues & Sustainability
Geog 4/507 Seminar in Physical Geography
Geog 4/510 Topics in Physical Geography
Geog 4/512 Global Climate Change Science and Socio-environmental Impact Assessment
Geog 4/513 Disturbance Biogeography of the Pacific Northwest
Geog 4/514 Hydrology
Geog 4/515 Soils and Land Use
Geog 4/518 Landscape Ecology
Geog 4/540 The Ecology and Management of Wildfire

Geographic Techniques:

Geog 380U Maps and Geographic Information
Geog 4/507 Seminar in Research Skills
Geog 4/510 Topics in Geography Techniques
Geog 4/520 Field Methods in Physical Geography
Geog 4/525 Field Methods in Human Geography
Geog 4/575 Digital Compilation and Database Design
Geog 4/580 Remote Sensing and Image Analysis
Geog 4/581 Digital Image Analysis I: Introduction
Geog 4/582 Digital Image Analysis II: Advanced Remote Sensing
Geog 4/584 Cartographic Applications of GIS
Geog 4/585 Map Design and Production
Geog 4/588 Geographic Information Systems I: Introduction
Geog 4/589 Building a GIS Database with GPS
Geog 4/590 GIS Programming
Geog 4/592 Geographic Information Systems II: Advanced GIS
Geog 4/593 Digital Terrain Analysis
Geog 4/594 GIS for Water Resources
Geog 4/595 Maps Models and GIS
Geog 4/596 Introduction to Spatial Quantitative Analysis
Geog 4/597 Advanced Spatial Quantitative Analysis

Human Geography:

Geog 230 Environment and Society: Global Perspectives
Geog 331U Geography of Globalization
Geog 332U Urban Geography
Geog 340U Global Water Issues & Sustainability
Geog 345U Resource Management
Geog 346U World Population and Food Supply
Geog 347U Environmental Issues and Actions
Geog 348U Cultural and Political Ecology
Geog 349U Mountain Geography
Geog 375 Maps, Culture, and Society
Geog 4/507 Seminar in Human Geography
Geog 4/510 Topics in Human Geography
Geog 4/530 Cultural Geography
Geog 4/532 Urban Landscapes
Geog 4/540 The Ecology and Management of Wildfire
Geog 4/542 Sustainable Cities
Geog 4/545 Resource Management Topics
Geog 4/546 Water Resource Management
Geog 4/547 Urban Streams
Geog 4/548 The Urban Forest
Geog 4/549 Geography of Food
Geog 4/562 Sense of Place
Geog 467/567 Community Resilience in Coupled Socio-Ecological Systems

Regional Geography

(These courses will fulfill Human Geography requirements beginning Fall 2021):

Geog 230 Environment and Society: Global Perspectives
Geog 321 Mt. Hood
Geog 350U Geography of World Affairs
Geog 351U Pacific Northwest
Geog 352U The Himalaya and Tibet
Geog 353U Pacific Rim
Geog 354U Europe
Geog 360U Latin America
Geog 363U Africa
Geog 364U The Middle East
Geog 366U Historical Geography of North America
Geog 368U United States and Canada
Geog 4/507 Seminar in Regional Geography
Geog 4/510 Topics in Regional Geography
Geog 4/565 Tuscany: Sustainability in City and Country