Laptop Policy

School of Film Laptop Requirement

Laptop Policy

Film Program Laptop Requirement

For students majoring in Film who plan to take the production courses listed below, we require that you own a laptop computer that meets these hardware and software specifications.


  • FILM 132 Introduction to Digital Filmmaking (4)
  • FILM 257 Narrative Film Production I (4)
  • FILM 258 Documentary Film Production I (4)
  • FILM 358 Narrative Film Production II (4)
  • FILM 359 Narrative Film Production III (4)
  • FILM 360 Topics in Film Production (4)                *Most FILM 360 Topics require a laptop
  • FILM 361 Documentary Film Production II (4)
  • FILM 362 Documentary Film Production III (4)
  • FILM 363 Topics in Experimental Film (4)
  • FILM 364 Sound Production and Design (4)
  • FILM 365 Editing (4)
  • FILM 366 Digital Cinematography (4)
  • FILM 450 Portfolio and Professional Development (4)
  • FILM 451 Advanced Production Workshop (4)
  • FILM 460 Advanced Topics in Production (4)



We strongly recommend that students own a Macintosh laptop running the most recent OS. This insures a level of compatibility with the resources available in the school and prepares you for a future in Mac-centric work environments.

Minimum Requirements 

  • CPU: 2.8 GHz dual core (Core i5 or equivalent)
  • 8 GB of available hard-disk space for Adobe CC installation
  • 1280x800 display (1920x1080 or larger recommended)
  • Sound card compatible with Apple Core Audio
  • Intel Iris Plus Graphics 650
  • Optional:  Adobe-recommended GPU card for GPU-accelerated performance

Internet connection and registration are necessary for Adobe CC required software activation, validation of subscriptions, and access to online services.


The Adobe Creative Cloud (ACC) subscription program offers a package that allows students to subscribe to software on a month-by-month basis at a discounted rate while in courses that make use of that software.
·      Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro
·      Sound Design: Adobe Audition
·      Color Correction:  Adobe SpeedGrade and Adobe After Effects
·      Visual Effects and Graphics work:  Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects

External Hard Drive

We recommend the LaCie Rugged series, or an external hard drive with:
    •    Disk rotational speed:  7200 RPM
    •    Interface: USB 3.0 and/or FireWire 800 and/or Thunderbolt
    •    Capacity: at least 500 GBs, but more is better
An additional external drive or a subscription to cloud storage is recommended for back up of the external hard drive.

Purchasing Your Laptop

Your purchase of a laptop may be eligible for an extension of any student loans you receive through the PSU Financial Aid Office. Please contact the PSU Financial Aid Office at (503) 725-3461 or toll-free (800) 547-8887. The form required to extend your student loan is available online.
You should ensure that you have access to a laptop before registering for any production course that is 100 level or above, starting with FILM 132. Even if you currently own a desktop, you will still need a laptop to participate fully in the courses listed above.