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Student Athletes Abroad

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For Student Athletes, as busy as they are, study abroad may not seem like a viable possibility. However, there is no reason for student athletes to miss out on the many benefits of studying abroad. With careful planning, student athletes can study abroad while keeping up with their athletic careers.

Things to Consider

  • Annual Training Schedule: PSU Education Abroad offers a wide array of programs that can fit into your athletic schedule. For example, our short-term Faculty-Led programs are a great option for students wanting to study abroad for just a couple weeks. We also have summer programs, internships and more traditional full academic term programs. When choosing a program, it is important to consider the best time of year to be away from your team (e.g. off-season times) and the best time in your academic career to study abroad (e.g. sophomore, junior or senior year). When planning your study abroad, it is very important to work closely with your Student Athletics Advisor.
  • Stay healthy: Does your host country have sufficient resources for you to keep up your athleticism while you’re abroad? Do you have a training plan for the time you’re away?. Also, make training programs that will work in your host country to ensure that you keep up your athleticism.
  • Scholarship eligibility compliance: Are you taking enough credits to keep your spot on your team/scholarship?
  • Coach approval: In order to have a successful experience abroad, it is essential to work closely with your athletic advisor and coach. Make sure you discuss training schedules while abroad, as well as what you will do when you return to PSU.
  • Scholarships: Most athletic scholarships can apply to your study abroad expenses. Check with your scholarship eligibility, as almost 50% of your study abroad can be paid for with your scholarships.
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Featured Student

“After studying abroad, I am now more open minded, flexible, and brave. I would strongly recommend studying abroad, especially to other athletes. I was able to keep up my tennis while abroad by contacting the university’s athletic department to see if anyone was able to hit with me.”

-Alexa McDonald, Spain


    1. Before applying to any study abroad program, be sure to talk with your athletics advisor and your coach in order to find a program length and time of year that fits into your athletics schedule.
    2. Check your scholarship eligibility to see what you need to do for your funding to apply to your study abroad.
    3. Once you have chosen a program that is right for you, make a training plan for while you’re away and share this with your coach.
    4. Research what athletic resources you will have access to while you are abroad. Research your eligibility of participation with club sports, university sports, and also the university or community gyms and facilities that you have access to.
    5. If you want to participate with sports abroad, be sure to tell your athletic advisor at PSU. In some cases, participation with sports abroad could present problems with eligibility back home.
    6. Athletic advisors also need to approve each course you complete while abroad. Keep in contact with your athletic advisor while you are abroad.

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