Advising Students Who Want to Study Abroad

Where Should Students Start?

All students who study abroad at PSU should attend an Ed Abroad 101 Session. These are 30-minute introductory drop-in sessions designed to introduce them to the process of study abroad at PSU. If they cannot attend a live session, there is a recorded version on the Ed Abroad homepage. 

Ed Abroad 101 dates and times are posted on the Ed Abroad Events Page.

Best Choices for your Major & Minor

Check out the corresponding Major Map to see which programs are pre-approved to work particularly well for students in your major or minor. These programs have high numbers of courses in your department or offer opportunities like research or internships relevant to your degree program. Don't see your major listed? Contact your Ed Abroad Liaison and we will be happy to work with you to identify and integrate study abroad opportunities into your curriculum!

Academics While Abroad

University Studies Credit: Students may earn SINQ, Junior Cluster, and Capstone credit abroad. These are great options for students in majors that are not flexible or majors that do not require many elective courses. 

Overseas Credit: Students take most programs for a letter grade and are all courses that students take overseas through PSU Education Abroad are in-residence, PSU (not transfer) credit. 

Internships: Many students choose to complete internships abroad, these range from a few hours per week to full-time placements abroad. Students recieve credit for these programs, most placements are unpaid. 

Affording Study Abroad Programs

Making the Most of Financial Aid: Often students will opt to study abroad for a spring semester, this may mean being abroad for both winter + spring quarters. The benefit to this is students can use both winter financial aid + spring financial aid toward their program fee.

Pell Grant Students: Students may use their Pell Grants toward their program fee, receiving this funding also gets them access to the Gilman Scholarship, which is worth up to $5,000. 

Veteran's Benefits: Students may use their VA benefits on their study abroad programs, it depends on the program and it depends on the specific benefit package the student is using. They should talk with their Education Abroad Advisor for details. 

Scholarships: PSU Education Abroad has modest scholarships (ranging from $500 - $1000) toward programs. Our partners also offer a variety of scholarships and we work with students one-on-one to determine the best avenue for funding. Ed Abroad hosts workshops throughout the year to help students find as much funding for their programs as possible. Just direct students to our events page. 

Affordable Programs: Some programs are equal to or less than the cost of attendance at PSU, so studying abroad does not have to break the bank! We specifically source partners abroad who can offer competitively priced programs for our students. 

Four Years Free: At this time, unfortunately, studenst may not apply Four Years Free toward their program fee, however, participating on a study abroad program does not impact their eligibility for the program. 

Education Abroad Advisors