Faculty & Advisor Resources


PSU faculty and advisors are important in helping us achieve PSUs internationalization goals and we consider you an important part of our team.  There are a variety of ways that you can partner with the Education Abroad office to help us in our mission to empower students and faculty to explore, experience, and engage as globally responsible citizens.

Advising students who want to study or intern abroad. One of the top reasons students cite for why they chose to study abroad includes recommendations from faculty and advisors.  You have direct access to students on a daily basis and can help guide them in making the best choices for their academic and professional careers.

Participate in a PSU sponsored international opportunity.  You can help internationalize the campus by teaching abroad yourself on a PSU Faculty-Led Program or a partner program, or by bringing back international experiences to the PSU campus made possible through Fulbright scholarships, International Travel Grants, or a myriad of other opportunities.

Serve on the International Program Advisory Committee.  Assist the Education Abroad staff in assessing and reviewing current and future programming. 

Request a Classroom Visit.  The Education Abroad Office is happy to give presentations about study abroad opportunities to your students.  We can tailor our talks to discuss particular programs that would be relevant to your course topic or provide a general overview on study abroad.  By submitting this form, you can request a representative (either Peer Advisor or Education Abroad staff member) to come into your classroom.  Most presentations will last 5 - 10 minutes, although we can accommodate a longer presentation request as well.