Fulbright Scholars Program

Fulbright Opportunities for Faculty and Scholars

The Fulbright Scholar Program offers nearly 500 teaching, research or combination teaching/research awards in over 125 countries.  Opportunities are available for college and university faculty and administrators as well as for professionals, artists, journalists, scientists, lawyers, independent scholars and many others. In addition to several new program models designed to meet the changing needs of U.S. academics and professionals, Fulbright is offering more opportunities for flexible, multi-country grants.

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Meet your colleagues who have participated in this program.  

PSU's 2021-22 Fulbright Scholar Awardees

Staci B. Martin - Thailand

Fulbright Scholar recipient

Staci B. Martin, EdD, Practicum Coordinator in the the School of Social Work, has been selected as a Fulbright Scholar to teach and do research at Chulalongkorn University’s Center for Social Development Studies, PhD & MA in International Development Studies (MAIDS-GRID) in their (Forced) Displacement and Development program in Bangkok, Thailand.  The title of the Fulbright is: Speaking for Ourselves Action Research (SOAR) and Co-Researching as a Tool for Situating Youth Knowledge at the Center for Research

Dr. Martin will teach a series of seminars on peace-building, research methods, and youth & migration at Chulalongkorn University and in Tham Hin refugee camp with the Suan Phueng host community. She will co-research with these three partners focussing on the role of hope and how our emotions contribute to peace-building, agency, and action that impact Thailand’s youth and specifically supports the integration of refugee youth in Thai culture. 

Jessica Mehta - India

Fulbright Scholar recipient

Jessica (Tyner) Mehta is a PSU Alumni (BA 2005, MSc 2007) and was in the inaugural class of PSU's McNair program. She is also a multi-award-winning interdisciplinary artist and the author of 16 books. She is currently serving as a post-graduate researcher at the largest Victorian Centre in England and is the first Native American to hold this position. Jessica has been awarded a Fulbright Scholar award to Bangalore, India where she will be curating an anthology of contemporary Indian poetry in English. The purpose of her work is to highlight what post-colonialism had yielded in the world of poetry on different sides of the world with a Native editor (herself) and Indian poets--creating unique styles and aesthetics while working in a language that was forced upon their ancestors. You can read more about Jessica, her research, and her impressive collection of publications and projects at www.thischerokeerose.com

PSU's 2020-21 Fulbright Scholar Awardees

Anita Bright - Palestine

recipient photo

Anita Bright, Ph.D., Associate Professor in the College of Education, has been selected as a Fulbright Scholar to work in collaboration with colleagues at Bethlehem University in the West Bank of Palestine. Working with administration, faculty, and students in both the Department Language and Literature and the Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy, Dr. Bright will offer her expertise in English language curriculum and pedagogy, and will collaborate with Bethlehem University colleagues to explore the ways identity and power layer into language teaching and learning. While in Bethlehem, she will also teach courses and collaborate in curriculum revision.

Fulbright Scholar recipient

Matthew Gebhardt

(more info soon!)

PSU's 2019-20 Fulbright Scholar Awardees

Rachel Dietz - South Korea
Rachel Dietz, International Student Life Advisor, Office of International Student and Scholar Services, has been selected for a Fulbright International Education Administrators (IEA) Program to South Korea. During her two weeks there in June 2019, she will participate in culturally immersive experiences and meetings to exchange information about higher education and institutional policy and practice with Korean counterparts. She will use this experience to enhance her advising support for Korean students, to improve public speaking training for the International Cultural Service Program, and to support and grow connections between South Korea and PSU Education Abroad, World Languages, the Korean Student Association, visiting scholars, and collaborative international online learning opportunities. 

Cynthia-Lou Coleman - Canada
Professor Coleman, Department of Communication, will spend Fall 2019 as a Fulbright Research Chair in Canada, where she will continue her work on environmental communication and Indigenous communities. Coleman hopes to learn more about key issues that impact First Nations peoples and how policy-makers and mass media respond to such concerns. She hopes to travel throughout Canada and will be headquartered at Vancouver Island University in BC.

Celine Fitzmaurice - Japan
Celine Fitzmaurice, Senior Instructor II and Faculty Support Facilitator in University Studies, has received a  Fulbright Specialist Award to Japan, hosted by the  Academic and General Okayama University Regional Research Association (AGORA). In Fall 2019 She will spend 6 weeks at Okayama University to provide technical support related to Community-based Learning. While there she will co-instruct CBL courses and assist in the design and delivery of a national workshop focused on CBL pedagogy.

Adam Booth - Iceland 
Assistant Professor of Geology, Core Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program at the Icelandic Institute of Natural History. Project Title: Controls on catastrophic bedrock landslide occurrence in northern Iceland.

Theresa Robbins Dudeck - Brazil
Theresa Robbins Dudeck, Adjunct Faculty in Drama/Theater Arts, was awarded a 2019 U.S. Scholar Fulbright to teach, research, and direct improvisation and applied improvisation for 4 months with faculty, graduate students, and professionals in education and theatre at Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG) in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Dudeck also worked with Grupo Trampulim, a professional clown troupe, and facilitated master classes at UNIRIO and Cia de Teatro Contemporâneo in Rio de Janeiro. In addition, she filmed interviews with key impro performers/practitioners for a documentary project she is co-directing about Keith Johnstone, the pioneer of theatrical improvisation. You can see her blog and photos at https://www.theimprofessor.com/blog

Berrin Erdogan - Colombia
Erdogan, Business faculty, served as a Fulbright Specialist at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá, Colombia, from Nov. 16-24, 2019.

Tracy Prince - Malta
Tracy J. Prince, Ph.D., Research Professor with PSU's American Indian Teacher Program, worked with the US Embassy Malta, the University of Malta, Wikimedia Community Malta, and Spazju Kreattiv to create events for International Women's Day. Gave lectures on Publishing Women's Stories, Changing the Historic Lack of Representation on Wikipedia, and Arts Residencies, Fellowships, and Fundraising and participated in the edit-a-thon to add women's stories to Wikipedia.

PSU's 2018-19 Fulbright Scholar Awardees

Raúl Bayoán Cal - France
Raúl Bayoán Cal - Research Professor, Thermal & Fluid Science Group at PSU. Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program at National Superior University of Lyon. His project was Turbulence-Caused Order and Disorder of Particles in Volcanic Plumes.

Hollie Hix-Small - Republic of the Union of Myanmar
Assistant Professor Hollie Hix-Small has been named a Fulbright Scholar to the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. She will reside in the Southeast Asian country for four months, from June to September 2019, and will work to support implementation of their 2017–2021 National Strategic Plan for Early Childhood Intervention. Hix-Small, who has expertise in early childhood intervention and is known nationally and internationally for her work, will help to develop the country’s first higher education curriculum for Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) services. This collaboration among the Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief, Relief and Resettlement and seven other ministries with support from UNICEF Myanmar and the Leprosy Mission of Myanmar has laid the groundwork for the opportunity to work with institutions of higher education on the further development of ECI.  While in Myanmar, she will also co-develop coursework to support emerging professionals in the field of ECI.

Neal T. Wallace - Romania
Neal T. Wallace is a professor of Health Systems Management and Policy in the School of Public Health and Director of the M.P.H. in Health Management and Policy program. His research focuses on quantitative evaluation of large-scale health and mental health policy and system interventions using state-of-the-art research designs. He completed a Fulbright at Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj Romania in their Department of Public Health.

2017-18 Fulbright Awardees

G.L.A. Harris - Canada
Professor Harris, Department of Public Administration faculty, is the 2017-2018 recipient of the Fulbright Fellowship as the Research Chair for North American Integration (U.S.-Canada Relations). This Distinguished Fulbright Chair or named fellowship is one of only 40 such selections awarded annually and worldwide by the Fulbright Commission. Awards in this category "are viewed as among the most prestigious appointments in the Fulbright Scholar Program. Candidates should be eminent scholars and have a significant publication and teaching record" (Fulbright Scholar Program, http://www.cies.org/fulbright-distinguished-chairs-awards). Harris will be a visiting scholar during the Fall 2017 semester at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada collaborating with faculty from the Department of Political Science, the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs and the Pauline Jewett Institute of Women and Gender Studies on groundbreaking research about women in the U.S. military and Canadian Armed Forces.

December, 2017: Dr. Harris was awarded a second Fulbright Fellowship, serving as the Fulbright NATO Chair in Security Studies at the American University-Brussels Winter 2018. During this fellowship, Dr. Harris conducted a presentation entitled "Women in the Military: NATO at the Crossroads" on March 5, 2018 at the American University-Brussels and presented "Women in the Military and NATO: An Evolving Force" to various civilian and military dignitaries of the NATO member states and partner nations, including Ambassador Marriett Schuurman, former NATO Women, Peace and Security representative, at the NATO Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

Sally Mudiamu - Uzbekistan
Sally Mudiamu, Director of Transnational Programs, Associate Director of International Partnerships and GSE Doctoral Student, served as a Fulbright Specialist in Modern Engineering Education at Tashkent State Technical University, Tashkent, Uzbekistan in December 2017.  During her three weeks in Tashkent, she provided faculty development workshops, lectured on innovations in Engineering Education and STEM, mapped faculty priorities for scholarship and publishing, and gave seminars on international partnership capacity-building for faculty and administrators. 

Betty Izumi - Japan
Betty Izumi, Associate Professor, School of Public Health, has been selected for a 2017-18 Fulbright award to Japan. Dr. Izumi will join the Division of Natural Sciences at Ochanomizu University in Tokyo. As a Fulbright scholar, she will conduct research focused on Shokuiku Kihon Ho, a groundbreaking piece of legislation passed in 2005 to address a wide range of problems at the intersection of health, food systems and culture — increasing rates of diet-related chronic diseases, shrinking and aging agriculture and fishing industries, low food self-sufficiency, and loss of traditional food culture due to globalization. Specifically, she will examine how Shokuiku Kihon Ho has been translated into practice in Tokyo elementary schools through their school lunch programs.

Barbara Tint - Ireland
In Fall 2016 Barbara Tint, Professor, Conflict Resolution (Liberal Arts & Sciences) went on Fulbright Senior Specialist assignment at University College Cork in Cork, Ireland where she worked with faculty, staff and students in the School of Applied Psychology.  During her six weeks there, she developed workshops, lectures and trainings on the topics of Dialogue Processes, Refugee and Diaspora Issues, Conflict Resolution, Applied Improvisation and Experiential Methods in teaching, Resilience and Collaborative Methodologies. 

Maria Beebe - Philippines
Dr. Maria Beebe, an Affiliate of Portland State University 's Anthropology Department who worked with the AIM-TeaM Energy Center for Bridging Leadership through Fulbright Philippines, is now engaging with the 15 Future Bridging Leadership Program 2 coaches on developing leadership stories through critical discourse analysis.

Randall Bluffstone - Nepal
Randy Bluffstone, Economics faculty, received a Fulbright research award to spend six months in Nepal during the 2017-2018 academic year. Bluffstone will be hosted by the School of Arts at Kathmandu University, where he will conduct research, give lectures and assist the school with its curriculum.

For additional information on Fulbright opportunities, please contact Debra Clemans, Office of International Affairs, clemansd@pdx.edu