All aspects of the Center's work are grounded in solid academic research and innovative thinking. Center faculty, research fellows, students and consultants regularly publish articles, books and other scholarly works.

What gets us excited?

CPS faculty are known for their passionate commitment to research, which often directly informs their practical consulting work. By inhabiting the rich overlap between academia and professional practice, we are able to provide innovative and customized consulting. Similarly, our consulting work allows us to contribute lessons learned to academic literature and learn together with our partners and clients in a co-production model.

See below for examples of research that has directly contributed to our consulting practice:

Three Cities Fire and Emergency Services Project

The Center for Public Service worked with Fairview, Troutdale and Wood Village ("Three Cities") to analyze the services provided under the Gresham Fire and Emergency Services IGA. The purpose of this project was threefold:

  • To understand the operational, financial and revenue realities that structure fire/EMS service for the Three Cities (Fairview, Troutdale and Wood Village); 
  • To propose alternatives and options for service delivery to the Three Cities ("Menu of Options); 
  • To help the Three Cities diligently prepare for future service delivery arrangements for fire/EMS services.

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The EMERGE Public Leadership Framework for Sustainable Development in Vietnam

The EMERGE framework for public service leadership was developed through extensive work providing leadership training workshops for Vietnamese public servants. CPS core faculty member Dr. Marcus Ingle continues to refine, tailor, and improve the framework today for application locally and internationally.

Project Management Toolkit: A Strategic Approach to New Local Governance

This bilingual English/Japanese book is a product of a training program for managers from Japanese municipal government funded by Tokyo Foundation.



Vacancies in Baltimore
St Paul Fee Study
Business Optimization Task Force
The County of Erie, New York Four-Year Financial Plan FY2005-FY2008*
Minnesota's Bottom Line

*Member of the Project Team to complete this study. Wrote the chapter on primary policing subsidy analysis.