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Japanese Local Governance and Management Training Program (JaLoGoMa)

JaLoGoMa is for Japanese practitioners and students in civic engagement and community development.
Participants include local government managers, nonprofit organizations employees, citizen activists, elected officials, graduate students, and academics from various regions of Japan who share their aspiration

Community Based Teaching & Learning Workshop

A 4-day workshop located in Portland, Oregon, USA. CPS is going to host the Community Based Teaching & Learning Workshop for Japanese professionals this coming October.

Since 2013, the Japanese Ministry of Education (MEXT) is providing funding and incentives to the Japanese universities that are focusing on the Community Based Learning (CBL) approaches. MEXT sees the higher education institutes can contribute even more to solve various issues in society and regional communities through extension courses based on each university's education and research. Developing universities as center of regional regeneration and revitalization by encouraging universities to collaborate with municipalities, local community members, NPOs, and so forth, many communities can resolve various issues directly facing them.

Because PSU has been practicing CBL teaching methods and approaches for the last 20 years and ranks within the top universities in the United States, CPS took this opportunity to share the knowledge and teaching methods especially with the Japanese universities. Also, CPS has many bilingual faculty and staff who can provide these kinds of workshops in different languages, CPS put together an interdisciplinary team to deliver the workshop.

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Supreme Court of Japan

In spring 2015, CPS was contacted by the Dean of Graduate Studies at PSU, Dr. Margaret Everett, to determine the feasibility of designing and delivering a year-long, research focused program for a court official sent to Portland by the Supreme Court of Japan. One member of the Japanese court staff is selected each year to conduct research in Oregon. Oregon is honored to be the only state to which the Japanese Supreme Court sends its research scholars on an annual basis, and CPS took this unique opportunity to engage in promoting public good through the judiciary.

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Hiroshima Shudo University, Glocal Innovation Program

The “Glocal Innovation Program” is designed as part of Hiroshima Shudo University’s “Local Innovation Course,” which focuses on the discovery and development of new and better ways of using locally available resources in urban and suburban areas of Hiroshima. 10 selected students from the course are expected to gain practical knowledge and concepts from advanced examples of local innovation projects from Portland and to bring applicable experiences and innovative ideas back home. The reason for choosing Portland as the destination is that Portland and Hiroshima are similar in many ways; their population size in the metropolitan area, their public transportation system, and their geographic closeness to farming areas and natural environments.

2017 Glocal Innovation Program in Portland pictures


Initiative for Community and Disaster Resilience (ICDR)

The Initiative for Community and Disaster Resilience (ICDR) is an interdisciplinary institute whose focus is on research, educational outreach and community enlightenment. This initiative, created with the collaboration of the Center for Public Service and the Economics Department, aims to serve as an intellectual hub for students, scholars and practitioners to work on issues related to emergency management and preparedness and community resilience from natural disasters.

While many academic and policy research centers for emergency management exist in the U.S., they primarily focus on the ‘hard science’ aspect of natural disasters. In contrast, the ICDR is designed to approach natural disaster- related issues from “soft” social science and policy perspectives.

Currently, the events under ICDR are related to Japan though it will eventually extend to other countries as well. 

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