Below you will find a growing list of creative spaces that are part of our SparkSpaces program. These spaces are open to all PSU students who like to interact with others, come up with new ideas and turn them into reality.


Electronics Prototyping Lab (EPL)

FAB 84-20

The EPL is a lab for rapidly prototyping electronics projects. With a motto of "bits to atoms", the EPL allows students to walk in with PCB and 3D CAD files and walk out with a fully functioning piece of electronics in an enclosure. The EPL is open to all PSU students, faculty and staff. Available tools include 3D printers, laser engraving, circuit board routers, soldering equipment, reflow oven etc. Complete inventory and other details on the EPL website:

Contact: Christopher Clark at



Spark Ignition Lab


ME Freshman Engineering Lab, opened outside of class time to Spark Ignition members (from ME121 and ME122) and Beta Project students. Offers eight digital milling machines, eight hand drills, soldering irons, bench vises, mock-up supplies such as glue, post-its, scissors, pipe cleaners, cardboard, tape, etc.
Contact: Dr. Nathalie Neve


Spark Power Lab

 FAB 25-03


The Spark Power Lab offers three-phase power supplies, 1/4 HP rotating machinery, power analyzers, oscilloscopes, dynamometers, variable frequency drives (VFDs), real time automation controllers (RTACs), programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and measurement equipment.
Contact: Dr. Robert Bass