Message from the Dean

Welcome to the Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science at Portland State University. The Portland region is known throughout the world for its natural beauty, progressive urban planning, commitment to green environment, and high quality of living. Today, the region is a major industrial power in microelectronics, energy and power, manufacturing, transportation and other infrastructure technology. The Maseeh College is
the primary resource for engineering education in the Portland region. Our mission is two-fold: generating technological innovations and developing engineering talent, drawn from the Portland region and from the world.

The Maseeh College offers programs that lead to bachelor, master, and doctoral degrees in many engineering and computer science disciplines. We also offer courses for working professionals to further their education, with some programs offered completely online. More than 3,000 students are enrolled in the Maseeh College. The student body is diverse - 69 percent from Oregon, 10 percent from other parts of the U.S., and 21 percent from International locations.

The Maseeh College faculties engage our students in making devices, solving problems, and creating innovations. On the College's website one can find information on curricula, student projects and awards, research programs, and many other topics. With public support and private giving, the Maseeh College has recently modernized its facility and expanded faculty expertise. The work of our faculty is gaining national recognition and our research and instructional initiatives are winning sponsorships. The Maseeh College is poised to become the premier engineering college in Portland, rising to a global status with deep regional impact.

Renjeng Su, D.Sc.
H. Chik M. Erzurumlu Dean
Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science