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University Writing Requirement

Students who started college in Fall 2012 or later must complete 2 college-level composition courses or their approved equivalents for their baccalaureate degree requirements.  This requirement may be satisfied in one of the following ways:

  • Students admitted to PSU as freshmen (0-29 credits) meet the requirement by completing the first two years of University Studies or Urban Honors (both approved equivalents of composition courses);
  • Students admitted to PSU having earned 30-89 credits meet the requirement with WR 121 (required for transfer admission) and the requisite number of Sophomore Inquiry courses determined by placement into University Studies or HON 201, 202, 203;
  • Students admitted having earned 90 or more credits have four options for meeting the requirement:
    • Transfer into PSU with an approved equivalent of WR 121 plus one approved composition course for which WR 121 (or its approved equivalent) is a pre-requisite;
    • Transfer into PSU with two approved composition courses for which WR 121 (or its approved equivalent) is a pre-requisite;
    • Complete WR 121 plus an additional course from the following PSU course list: WR 200, 211, 222, 227, 300, 323, 324, 327, 333, 394, 400, 420 or a 4-credit Writing Intensive Course (WIC) course. Composition writing courses transferred into PSU may also be considered.
    • Complete any two courses from the above PSU list. 

This requirement became in effect beginning with the 2012-13 catalog. Students admitted prior to Fall 2012 may speak to an adviser about options to use an older catalog

For information about Writing Intensive Courses or for questions about approved equivalents for composition courses, please email the English Department at