MURP Advising Pathways

MURP students have the opportunity to develop a customized course plan with their 29 elective credits that reflects their academic and professional interests within planning. To support this change, the faculty have developed a set of advising pathways to help students understand the range of career paths within planning, the skills and knowledge that are important for those careers, and how those skills and knowledge map onto courses offered through TSUSP and elsewhere at PSU.

MURP students work directly with their faculty advisor to develop and review their elective coursework plan. Students are strongly encouraged to consult the pathway materials but do not need to select a specific one, and may “mix and match” if they choose. The only requirements are that the faculty advisor annually review and approve the student’s coursework plan, as reflected on their Degree Planning Form, and that at least half of the student’s elective credits come from courses offered by TSUSP.

The following Advising Pathways have been developed:

Additional pathways are under development, and existing pathways will be revised and updated regularly to reflect new faculty and course offerings.