Tenant & Contractor Parking

Tenant Parking

Monthly tenant permits are available to the public on a limited basis. For availability and to request a permit, please contact us at psupark@pdx.edu or 503-725-3442. If you would like to make a request for a Tenant Permit please fill out the New Tenant Intake From linked below.

For hourly and daily options, please visit the Hourly & Visitor Parking page

Neuberger Center- Upper Level 1600 SW 4th Ave. $250
General Permit

Parking Structure 1

Parking Structure 2

Parking Structure 3

4th Avenue Garage 1900 SW 4th Ave. $215
Parking Structure 3 1631 SW 12th Ave $215
University Place Hotel

310 SW Lincoln St.

General Motorcycle All motorcycle spaces campus-wide



New Tenant Intake Form

Contractor Parking

All contractor vehicles on the PSU campus must display a valid parking permit at all times except while parked in designated loading zones for under 30 minutes. PSU does not pay for contractor parking. Contractors are responsible for paying all parking fees and fines for their employees, consultants, sub-contractors and suppliers. Parking options vary depending on the length of time needed; however, parking is extremely limited, therefore limiting the number of vehicles brought to campus is appreciated.


Electronic Permit Request

You can now submit your permit request online, please allow one business day for your request to be processed. 

Loading Options

  • PSU's 30-minute loading zones do not require payment or a parking permit.
  • On-street loading zones do not require payment or a parking permit but are limited to commercial vehicles. 
  • Permits for areas not designated as loading zones may be requested online, at our office during business hours or from the Parking Structure 1 attendant, located at SW 6th & Harrison St., beginning at 6:30 am Monday-Saturday.

Reserved Spaces on the Street

  • If a project occurs adjacent to a city street, reserving space on the street is highly recommended.
  • Space must be requested 3 business days in advance.
  • Information on rates and availability may be obtained by calling the City of Portland Permit Office at (503) 823-7365.

Short-term Parking

  • Hourly and visitor parking is available in various locations on campus.
  • Short-term parking permits may be purchased at the Transportation & Parking Services office.

Long-term Parking

  • If you will be parking on campus for more than 3 months, we suggest purchasing an annual permit.
  • Annual permits can be billed to the company each month.
  • Must be arranged in advance by contacting our office at psupark@pdx.edu or 503-725-344

Parking within a Construction Fence

  • Vehicles are not allowed to park within areas that are fenced off as a project site, except for up to 30 minutes for loading, unloading, and deliveries. 
  • If circumstances warrant an exception, please contact the PSU Facilities & Planning Project Manager