Parking Regulations & Fees

Due to the limited parking availability at PSU, parking areas are monitored and enforced thoroughly. Parking citations will be issued to any vehicle in violation of parking regulations as outlined in the Parking Rules and Regulations found on the PSU Standards page. The regulation and establishment of monetary penalties for parking violations on University controlled property is granted under Oregon Revised Statute 352.118. Fees have been established for most PSU violations (see below).

Citations that are not paid within 30 days will be billed to the vehicle's registered owner (based on the Department of Motor Vehicles). Unpaid citations are subject to billing and interest fees. At minimum, a $10 billing fee is assessed to outstanding citations every 30 days. If PSU cannot collect a fine within 90 days, it will be turned over to a third party collection agency who will add additional fees.

Citation Type Fee
Improper Display of Permit $25
Expired Parking Time $40
Parking Over Space Lines $40
Fourth Avenue Building Non-Payment $50
University Center Building Non-Payment $50
Unregistered Vehicle Parking $20
Boot Removal Fee $50
Over Time Limit $40
No Permit/Payslip $50
Tow Notice for Three (3) Outstanding Citations $50
No Parking Zone $70
Restricted/Reserved Space $70
Relocation Tow $55
Hazard/Blocking/Fire Lane $70
Misuse of Permit $90
Stolen/Forged/Altered Parking Permit Citaiton $250
Stolen/Damaged Boot Citation $400
Parking/Misuse of an ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Space Zone $275