Letter from the Director

Letter from Ian Stude, Director of Transportation & Parking Services:

How do you spend your commute? Reading a good book on the MAX? Rocking out to your favorite radio station or chatting with your carpool partner? Getting some exercise on your bike, or maybe enjoying a short walk to campus? Commuting might not always be your favorite part of the day, but there are enough options for getting to and from PSU for you to choose a mode that suits you.

At Transportation and Parking we want to help make your commute to campus as easy as possible. We can’t control traffic, the weather or the bus schedule, but we can help you figure out the most convenient and cost effective way for you to get to campus. Before you decide on one mode, we hope you’ll explore your options and maybe try a few things out.

We have over 60 different parking permit options to accommodate the needs of students, employees, visitors and vendors who come to campus. We offer discounted transit passes to students and employees, and can help you plan your route to campus using public transit. We also operate the PSU Bike Hub, which offers help to new and expert bike commuters.

We look forward to continuing to track commute trends over time and gather your input so we can make changes that suit the needs of the PSU community.  Be sure to visit our website for the latest updates on permit sales dates, new technologies, and construction and repair projects.

Best regards for a stress-free commute,

Ian Stude
Transportation & Parking Services