Frequently Asked Parking Questions

How does Extend-by-Text work?

If you pay with Visa or Mastercard, you will have the opportunity to enter your mobile number to receive expiration reminders via text. There is no charge to receive expiration reminder messages by text -- you will only be charged if you reply to the text message with the number of minutes you’d like to add. You will be charged for the amount of parking you add plus a $0.25 fee for each extension. Extend-by-Text relies on your cellular network. If you are out of range, in a dead zone, or your phone is off, you cannot extend by text and will need to return to the meter to add time. Standard text message rates through your cellular carrier may apply. 

Do I need to display a receipt -- how does enforcement know I've paid?

Displaying a receipt is no longer required in Pay-by-Plate lots. Enforcement officers are able to look up your parking time via your license plate through their handheld devices. Be sure your plate is entered correctly so you are not cited inadvertently.

What if I enter the wrong plate or I get a citation?

It’s important to ensure your plate has been entered correctly, but we understand that mistakes happen. If you enter your plate incorrectly by mistake, please contact our office at 503-725-3442 before leaving your vehicle. If you receive a citation in a Pay-by-Plate lot, you will need to appeal the citation within 14 calendar days. Please visit our Citations and Appeals page to appeal your citation.

What if I have a VIN or a trip tag instead of a license plate?

If you do not yet have permanent plates on your vehicle, please enter the last 5 digits of your VIN into the meter. Leave the receipt on the dash.

Someone gave me a receipt in a Pay-by-Plate lot, can I use it?

Meter receipts have always been non-transferable. Only receipts purchased by you at the meter are valid. Taking receipts passed back by others, left at the meter, or found on the pavement leaves you vulnerable to forged or altered receipts, which could result in a hefty fine or even an immobilization boot! If you use a receipt that does not have your license plate, you may be cited for non-payment.

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