Our Services

We provide a variety of services to students, from childcare subsidies to safe and clean lactation spaces, from our Family Resource Room to fun social and cultural events.

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Family Resource Room: This room is equipped with a computer station, study space, lounge area, refreshment station with microwave, and an area for the children to play with plenty of toys. We also have games and activities for the older children too, as well as diapers, formula, and baby food for you to use free of charge.

The Ron Ronacher Student Parent Emergency Loan Program:  This provides zero-interest emergency loans to students with dependent children experiencing financial hardship once a term. This loan is to be paid back to the cashier’s office four months from the time that it was borrowed. 

Lending Library: Our library includes materials that address child and family development, parenting issues faced by the different age groups, divorce and custody, resiliency, self-esteem, and contemporary family issues. There are also books on budgeting, activities to do at home with your children, and how different types of media affect your child. 

Bundle of Joy Bags and Welcome bags are for new parents and new students, respectively. Welcome bags contain goodies, swag and a stack of information to get student parents who are new to PSU off on the right foot. Bundle of Joy bags are for new parents only, and contain supplies that you'll need to help welcome your baby into the world. Pick up either of these bags at the RCSC offices for free during open hours.

Individual Consultation:  Provided to students with children to support, advise, and assist with parenting, personal and family issues, child development, and accessing resources both on campus and in the community to meet needs and concerns. Please email our Coordinator, Lisa Wittorff, LCSW at wittorff@pdx.edu to set up an appointment.

The Jim Sells Child Care Assistance Program:  Provides childcare assistance in the form of a subsidy to student families below 200% of the HUD income guidelines using on or off campus child care, including non-licensed child care. Priority is given to students who apply by the first Friday of each term. Students must be enrolled in 8 undergraduate or 5 graduate credits and be in good standing with PSU. 

Children’s Clothing Closet: Clothing exchanges are held during Fall and Spring terms. These event dates will be posted well ahead of time for students to have enough time to purge their children’s closets. The clothing closet itself is available year round for all students with children. It is not necessary to donate clothing in order to access this resource.Come in any time and help yourself to clothes, jackets, hats, scarves, and mittens

Family Events: These free family events are held periodically for students with children. They provide an opportunity to have fun as a family, get to know other student with children families, and just relieve a little stress from the everyday routine of school and family obligations. 

Fun Kits Activity Backpacks you can check out from us for your child or children. They contain age-range apppropriate toys, books and games, and are perfect for keeping kids busy while you attend a study group, meeting or appointment.

Pregnancy Support Are you a pregnant or postpartum student? Or a faculty member who is unsure what your role is in assisting pregnant and postpartum students? Portland State University has adopted a set of procedures related to pregnancy and childbirth titled Student Pregnancy and Postpartum Assistance and Accommodation Policy. The Director of Services for Students with Children, is also available by email or phone to support students, staff and faculty around pregnancy, postpartum and parenting issues, whether related to this policy or not. 

Lactation Spaces. There are currently 13 Lactation Spaces available to students, staff and visitors on the Portland State University Campus. More info HERE.  For an interactive map visit https://tinyurl.com/PSULactationSpaces or  a printable .pdf map, please click here. If you notice any problems or maintenance needs with any of these spaces, please contact us at sswc@pdx.edu. All the rooms share a universal access code. Please contact our office at (503) 725-9878 for the access code.

Mindful Parenting Workshop Series.  This 5 workshop series is for parents of all ages of children. Parenting children in a mindful manner and helping children to be more mindful themselves makes for closer parent-child relationships, less family stress, and more family harmony. This parenting series is open to the entire PSU community, including students, staff and faculty. 


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