Looking For a Sitter?

The RCSC manages a babysitters portal designed to provide PSU student-parents with an additional resource when looking for hourly child care. Our Student Sitter Portal connects current PSU students with children who need babysitting services with current PSU students who are interested in babysitting. If you are looking for a babysitter and would like access to this list, please email sswc@pdx.edu and we will share it with you.
Please be advised, Services for Students with Children does not screen or evaluate the sitter's who register with the Student Sitter Portal. Families are encouraged to screen potential babysitters and satisfy their own due diligence when hiring a Sitter.  Services for Students with Children is not responsible for coordinating or negotiating job opportunities.  All care arrangements should be negotiated directly between the sitter and the family, including rates, job responsibilities, house rules, caregiving preferences, etc. 

Join the Student Sitter Portal
Are you a current PSU student who enjoys babysitting?  Are you looking for a little extra cash or a job that works well with your school schedule? If so, Register with the Student Sitter Portal

How to Sign Up


  • Visit the Student Sitter Registration Form
  • Complete the fields and submit the form.
  • Some fields (e.g., contact information,) are required.
  • Some fields (e.g., certification information) are optional.

Upon request, PSU will send a student-parent the babysitters list. Student Sitters will be contacted by PSU annually to make sure you still want to be on the list and to verify your information. If at any point during the current semester you would like to be removed from the babysitters list, please contact PSU at sswc@pdx.edu.

We suggest that you make sure to have conversations with families before accepting a position to review these details, including any health concerns as it relates to COVID 19. However, if you have safety concerns, or suspect fraudulent intent, please email us at sswc@pdx.edu.