Family Resource Room

Our resource room equipped with a computer with desk, children's toys, and a couch.

Family Resource Room

This room is equipped with a computer station, study space, lounge area, refreshment station with microwave, and an area for the children to play with plenty of toys. We also have games and activities for the older children too, as well as diapers, formula, and baby food for you to use free of charge.

A drawer pulled open with folded clothing inside.

Clothing Closet

Everybody knows how quickly kids outgrow clothes and shoes - and how expensive new items can be! If your child is rapidly outgrowing all his or her clothes, stop by our clothing closet, and you may just find something fun and fitting for free! We have kids clothes of all styles and sizes.

Stylized image of a backpack filled with toys and stuffed animals launching off of the ground.

Fun Kits

Check out an activity backpack for your child.  They contain age appropriate toys, books and games, and are perfect for keeping kids busy while you attend a study group, meeting or appointment. 

Supplies for a baby, a stuffed animal dog, diapers, and a baby bottle.

Bundle of Joy

Bundle of Joy bags are for new parents and expecting parents and contain supplies that you'll need to help welcome your baby into the world. Pick up a Bundle of Joy bag at the RCSC offices for free!