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Enrollment Management & Student Affairs
Enrollment Management & Student Affairs houses more than 30 unique departments, centers, and programs. We provide essential services and programs to enhance student enrollment, retention, graduation and learning outside of the classroom.

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Portland State University’s Enrollment Management and Student Affairs (EMSA) division is committed to making all official web content and other electronic information associated with EMSA administration, services, programs and activities conform to widely accepted web accessibility standards and requirements.This commitment is intended to ensure that information and services available on Portland State University managed EMSA web pages are available to all who seek to access them, including people with disabilities, without the need for additional and separate accommodations. 

Toward this goal, EMSA content developers have been fully trained in online and electronic accessibility best practices and have successfully brought their respective departments' web pages to full compliance with WCAG 2.0 Level A and AA standards (with the permitted exception of WCAG 2.0 Level AA Guideline 1.2.5: pre-recorded audio description). Content developers in our division are expected to continue creating accessible content for their respective websites. All Portland State University managed EMSA websites have been tested for usability (in preparation for the June 2015 deadline) by individuals with disabilities using popular adaptive technologies. The practice of consistently assessing the accessibility of our websites will be ongoing. We maintain our commitment to accessibility as we move forward, however, we know that as content is added and updated, accessibility concerns may arise. Therefore, if you encounter any problems or have accessibility suggestions, please contact the content developer for that department’s website (see the department's contact page for more information). You may also contact