Student Media

How does a campus of more than 25,000 students in the heart of downtown Portland develop a sense of community? One of the forces binding these individuals together is a shared sense of reality, a common point of orientation. Student Media organizations at Portland State University serve as the intellectual and cultural hub that connects students, faculty, and staff into a thriving public forum. Moreover, the organizations, functioning as laboratories of thought and creativity, provide avenues for student expression and opportunities for their growth as critical thinkers and leaders. Through their practices, the future takes shape in the present.

Find out more about the media organizations, which are officially recognized and published by PSU's Student Media Board, funded primarily through student fees via the Student Fee Committee, and housed within the Student Activities and Leadership Programs (SALP) department.

You may also view our position announcements, including open student positions on the Student Media Board. 

Keep up with important dates and events in Student Media by viewing our calendar. Students within our media groups who would like to check out equipment may do so by filling out this equipment checkout contract.