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Undergraduate Advising

Advisor:  Kris Lucht Adams

Phone #:  (503) 725-8901

Location:  Cramer Hall 217U


Drop-In Office hours for Winter 2017: 

Monday - Thursday, 11:00-1:00 p.m. or by appointment

Please e-mail for appointments, or urgent requests, or contact the department


Advising Philosophy

The Sociology department recognizes that our students seek a broad range of skills and experiences within the field. Accordingly, we aim to provide a general understanding of the discipline of sociology and to offer more advanced courses that teach intellectual tools useful for future study, satisfying careers, and informed citizenship.

New Student Orientation
New and transfer students are required to attend the New Student Orientation offered through the university. The orientation gives an overview of university and major requirements and introduces many of the opportunities and resources available on campus.

Undergraduate Advisor

During the time you are working toward your sociology degree, you should plan to meet with the Sociology Undergraduate Advisor at least twice (once during your freshman/sophomore years and another during your junior/senior years). The purpose of these sessions is to review your progress toward meeting degree requirements as well as to assist with course planning. Bring a copy of your DARS form. There are both drop-in hours and scheduled sessions available.

Faculty have regular office hours to provide information about courses and to discuss options for meeting your academic and career goals. Please review faculty interests and office hours before making your appointment in order for you to make the most of your meeting. (Please remember that these meetings are geared for exploration of your future, not to review your DARS).

There are various workshops and presentations offered throughout the year. Some of these are offered through the Sociology Department, others are through various departments in the university such as Advising & Career Services, and the Writing Center. Become familiar with these resources, they are of great assistance to our students.