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Department of Sociology
Welcome to Sociology. Sociology is a fascinating and widely applicable field which teaches how to think about the way people create, maintain and are affected by social forces.

Critical thinking, problem-solving, written communication, oral communication and interpersonal skills are all cultivated by studying sociology.  We are a department that is excited about the opportunities that sociology has for students and welcome you to explore the world through a sociological perspective.

We are pleased to introduce you to our department. Please take the time to browse our website and learn about us!

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Undergraduate Academic Advising


Winter Term Drop-In Advising Hours

Monday-Thursday 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Kris Lucht Adams -


November/December 2016 Faculty Achievements 


A book authored by Akiko Hashimoto (Sociology visiting faculty), The Long Defeat: Cultural Trauma, Memory, and Identity, (Oxford University Press, 2015) has been contracted for publication in Chinese translation by Beijing Imaginist Publishers. It will be published in 2018. This is the third language in which the book will appear, adding to the English and Japanaese editions. 

Emily Fitzgibbons Shafer (Sociology faculty). Forthcoming. "Why Hillary Rodham became Hillary Clinton: Consequences of Surname Choice in Marriage." Gender Issues

Amy Lubitow (Sociology faculty), Jen Rainier (PhD student at George Mason University), and Sasha Bassett (PhD student). 2017. "Exclusion and vulnerability on public transit: experiences of transit dependent riders in Portland, OR." Mobilities

Jennifer Peterson, Lisa Thrane, and Lindsey Wilkinson (Sociology faculty). 2017. "Consequences of Runaway and Thrownaway Experiences for Sexual Minority Health During the Transition to Adulthood." Journal of LGBT Youth, 14(2):1-27.

Gloria Jacobs, Elizabeth Withers (Sociology graduate student), and Jill Castek. 2016. "Exiting the Pipeline: The Role of a Digital Literacy Acquisition Program within the Orleans Parish Prison Reentry Process:" Pp. 171-182 in Understanding, Dismantling, and Disrupting the School-to-Prison Pipeline edited by K. J. Fasching-Varner, L. L. Martin, R. W. Mitchell, K. Bennett-Haron, and A. Daneshzadeh, MD: Lexington Books. 

Awards or Recognition


Career Progression

Tina Burdsall's, (Sociology faculty) Honor's student Kayla Olgren successfully completed and presented her senior thesis. 

Shahriyar Smith (Sociology graduate student) successfully defended this thesis, Contexts of Reception and Construction of Islam: Second Genderation Muslim Immigrants in post-9/11 America, on December 12, 2016.

Sonja Taylor (Sociology doctoral student) passed her family comprehensive exam. 

Community/Policy Engagement and Media Attention

Bob Liebman (Sociology faculty) collaborated in the writing of "Unfinished Business," AAUP-Oregon white paper on shared governance and public accountability under the new Oregon system of campus boards of trustees. 

Bob Liebman (Sociology faculty) is joining faculty from UO and PSU to share its findings on faculty in governance with legislators and Governor's staff ahead of the 2017 legislative session. 


Hyeyoung Woo (Sociology faculty), So-Jung Lim, Sun Young Jeon, and Wonjeong Jung co-authored "Does Marriage Still Matter?: Parental Marital Status and Children's Health in Korea," a paper presented at the Korean Families in Economic and Demographic Transitions Conference, Ann Arbor, MI. 

Prestigious Service



Maura Kelly and Lindsey Wilkinson, both sociology faculty, received funding from the City of Seattle to conduct an evaluation of the adaptation of the Green Dot bystander intervention for the trades in Seattle. 

Hyeyoung Woo, Sociology faculty, was funded from the Nam Center for Korean Studies, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor to present her paper at a conference on Korean Families in Economic and Demographic Transitions: Parenting, Children's Education, and Social Mobility. 

Service to the Discipline

Tina Burdsall (Sociology faculty) was elected as the Pacific Sociological Association Secretary (2017-2020). 

Sociology Graduate Student Organization (SGSO)

Mission: To provide opportunities for graduate sociology students to create a support network that reflects their unique needs and provide them with a voice within the sociology department. The SGSO strives to develop a support network by fostering relationships with department faculty members, and providing mentorship to incoming sociology graduate cohorts and undergraduate students, while also providing a voice through organization and participation in sociology department activities and projects. Working to build professional skills and encouraging advanced participation in department activities for its members, the SGSO is dedicated to sustaining an open and inclusive environment for all sociology graduate students.