How to Register

Step 1: Find Courses

Watch Our How to Find Courses Video

Visit PSU's registration portal, a part of Banweb, and click on "Browse Class Schedule" to view a complete schedule of classes offered by term. Select a term on the pull-down menu and press Continue. Either fill in Search Criteria to look for class specifics, or leave the fields blank to see the entire list of classes for the upcoming term. The "Advanced Search" offers even more search options. Once you have found a course that looks interesting, click on the class title to view further details, including course descriptions and mode of instruction.

PSU also publishes a bulletin each year that lists all courses offered throughout the academic year. The bulletin provides a nice overview with course descriptions, however it does not specify during which term the courses will be offered. Also, any changes occurring throughout the year (e.g., class cancellations) are not reflected in the bulletin. A PDF is available for download on the webpage.

Step 2: Obtain Instructor Permission to Audit their Course

Starting Spring 2021, we will no longer be using the Senior Auditor Course Registration Form. When you have identified the classes you would like to audit, send an email to your instructor(s) requesting permission to audit the class. Instructor emails are found in the Class Schedule. Please include all of the following information below. Without this important info, the SALC office cannot process your registration with the registrar's office.

  • Auditor First and Last Name
  • PSU ID # (a 9 digit number)
  • Course Title
  • Course Subject (ex: ANTH)
  • Course Number (ex: 335)
  • CRN Number (ex: 50013)
  • Delivery Method (ex: REMOTE)

All the information you need to complete the form can be found on the previously mentioned on Banweb registration platform

If there is a Waitlist for the course, wait until the second or third day of the class to see if a spot has opened, and send a request to the instructor. Senior auditors cannot be placed on the Waitlist.

During COVID-19 restrictions, PSU is offering almost all classes in a variety of distanced formats. Please make sure that you understand and are comfortable with the course delivery method of your selected courses ("in-person," "online," "remote," "hybrid"). 

Please note that there is a $35 per-credit fee for classes in the online category, where the Course Delivery Method is "WEB". You will be responsible for these fees. You will also have to pay for any labor or material fees associated with a class. These course fees will be applied to your Student Account. Payments are made through Banweb. To view account charges, go to Banweb and click the "Student Finances" tab.

Visit PSU's " A New Way Forward" page for additional information.

You can register for up to 8 credits. After completing the registration form, make sure to save it to your computer. If you encounter any issues completing or saving the form, please contact for assistance.

Please familiarize yourself with the Class Participation Guidelines for Senior Auditors and remember that you can only audit a class if the instructor agrees and space is available.

Step 3: Forward Course Registration Info and Instructor's Approval to SALC

To finalize registration, once you receive an approval email from the professor, forward the email to

After receiving your forwarded email, SALC will reply with a confirmation that we've received your materials and will pass this information onto PSU's Office of the Registrar. After the registrar has processed your information, you will gain access to D2L at Please note it may take several days until your registration is processed. You will not have access to PSU buildings or virtual course content until you are officially registered by the Office of the Registrar.

Once you are officially registered, you can obtain your student ID card from PSU ID Services. Please bring your government-issued ID and the instructors' approval to audit their classes.

Please note all senior auditor accounts will appear to have a "Hold" on their account which is there to prevent you from being charged tuition.

To drop a course, send an email to, with your student ID number and the CRN #.