Info for Auditors

Joining SALC and Registering for Classes

If you have not yet joined SALC and want to become eligible to audit classes at PSU, you are required to complete the Senior Auditor One-Time Application Form. Visit the Join SALC page for more information about becoming a PSU auditor.

If you have already joined SALC and want to take a class, you must first obtain the instructor’s permission to attend and complete the process detailed on our How to Register page.

Auditors may enroll in most PSU classes up to a maximum of 8 credits per term. The courses you audit are not graded and do not apply toward a degree. There are no education-level requirements or prerequisites, and auditors are welcome to take classes year-round.

As a senior auditor, you are an ambassador for PSU’s SALC program. Auditors enjoy the generous privilege of attending university classes at no cost, and they are expected to follow a few important class participation guidelines.

Senior Auditor Computer Account (Odin Account)

A PSU computer account (called an Odin account) is available to all senior auditors after joining SALC. Your Odin account provides you with access to many valuable PSU resources:  

  • Desire to Learn (D2L) - course content and some online classes (see more info below)
  • Millar Library - a wide variety of online resources from PSU's library, including scholarly articles and journals
  • Computer Labs - several locations on the campus
  • PSU Gmail account - useful for communicating with the SALC office and with instructors. You can arrange to forward your PSU Gmail to an existing personal Gmail account.

Before using your Odin account, you must activate it with your student ID number and the activation/security code sent to you by the Registrar when you first joined SALC. You will be asked to create your own password.

To maintain a high level of account security, your Odin password automatically expires every 180 days. Prior to the expiration date, you will receive an email via your PSU Gmail account with a prompt to reset your password. If you do not regularly use your PSU Gmail account, you will have to remember to reset the password within the 180 day period.

Your Odin account remains active for one year from the end of the last class you audit. At the end of that period, your Odin account is disabled and you will not longer have access to resources such as your PSU Gmail.

If you wish to forward your emails to your personal email, follow steps listed in this guide.

For help activating your Odin account, or with other questions about your account, contact:

Office of Information Technology (OIT)

  • The OIT Help Desk offers phone support seven days a week, from 8 a.m. to midnight (except on university holidays and closures). Call: 503-725-4357; Toll free: 1-800-547-8887 ext. 5-4357
  • OIT's chat support is available Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Except on university holidays and closures.)
  • OIT's Service Catalog is an excellent online source of information about all of OIT’s service offerings.

D2L (Desire to Learn)

D2L is PSU’s online learning system which allows instructors to post class materials such as Zoom links to virtual class sessions, the course syllabus, assignments, articles, announcements, etc. D2L is also used as a platform for students to post questions, contribute to written class discussions, and to submit assignments electronically. Not all instructors use D2L; some choose to provide other means of access to class materials.

Senior auditors must activate their PSU computer accounts (see previous section on Odin accounts) in order to gain access to D2L.

After auditors have submitted their registration form to SALC at the beginning of the term, it may take up to a week from the date the registration form is submitted before access to D2L is available. Auditors should not ask instructors, departments, or the OIT Help Desk to try to short-cut this process. Please contact the SALC office if access to D2L is still not available after one week.

Please visit PSU's D2L Online Learning Overview for more information about D2L and tutorials.

Senior Auditor Perks

Senior Auditors are eligible for PSU perks only during the term in which they are actively registered. A current class registration confirmation form, or a PSU Student ID card (see next section) can be used to obtain the auditor privileges listed below.

Important note: Due to COVID precautions, most of these campus services are currently unavailable or significantly limited. Be sure to check the PSU webpages noted below for the latest updates on openings and operating hours.

  • Use of Millar Library
  • Use of general-access computer labs at several campus locations (see PSU's Computer Lab Overview)
  • Use of the Campus Recreation Center - including gym, pool, and classes - for a $ 25/ month fee. Sign up at the Rec Center, 1800 SW 6th Avenue, second floor.
  • Discounts on PSU events, theater, and concerts. Event information and tickets are available online or at the Box Office located in Smith Memorial Student Union, 1825 SW Broadway, Room 120.
  • Discounts on PSU sports events. Auditors are required to show a current class registration confirmation or student ID card for ticketed events. 
  • A PSU Gmail account (available through your Odin computer account, as described in a previous section).
  • Student parking permit rates at campus lots. However, permits are expensive, and auditors must have proof of current class enrollment at the time of application. A permit does not guarantee a parking space. 
  • Discounts and programs (e.g., international and domestic travel programs) offered through PSU's Alumni Association
  • Auditors may be able to obtain student discounts at some retailers, cultural organizations, and special events by presenting proof of enrollment.

Obtaining a PSU Student ID/ Access Card

A student ID card gives auditors access to numerous campus resources including Millar Library, the Campus Recreation Center, and academic classroom buildings that are locked to increase security on campus. The first card is issued at no charge; replacement cards cost $ 21. 

The ID card is valid only for terms when auditors are registered for classes. Remember to carry your current class registration confirmation while on campus in case you are asked for proof of current enrollment.

ID cards are issued at the ID Services counter in Fariborz Maseeh Hall (FMH). You will need to show a valid government-issued ID along with confirmation of your current class registration. Although their physical offices are currently closed due to COVID restrictions, ID Services is functioning remotely. For updates and more information, please contact them directly via phone (503-725-3440) or email (