About SALC

PSU has been welcoming older adults to audit classes on a tuition-free basis since the 1970s, decades before this privilege became a state mandate with the passage of Oregon House Bill 2011. This bill requires state institutions of higher education to waive tuition for any course audited by Oregon residents 65 years of age or older, if space is available and the instructor approves. SALC’s operations are funded 100% through charitable donations, largely from grateful senior auditors.

The Senior Adult Learning Center (SALC) administers the program at PSU. Whether auditors are interested in history, jazz, literature, geography, world languages, or any other subjects, there is something for everyone among the thousands of classes offered at PSU. In any given year, about 1,200 Senior Auditors are enrolled in the program, and about 600 attend classes.

SALC Leadership Council

The SALC Leadership Council is a volunteer group of senior auditors and faculty representatives whose role is to provide guidance and program support to enhance the auditing experience for both auditors and faculty. Council members hold three-year appointments and meet quarterly.

Since the creation of the Leadership Council in 2016, members have launched various initiatives:

  • Annual orientations for new and returning auditors
  • Faculty surveys on their experiences with auditors
  • Quarterly newsletters
  • Annual donor recognition events featuring faculty speakers
  • Fundraising for 100% of SALC’s annual budgets 
  • SALC website upgrades
  • Streamlined registration process supported by Council volunteers

Each year, the Leadership Council’s nominating committee invites applications from auditors who are interested in serving on the Council. The committee selects potential new members to be interviewed and nominates a final slate to the Council for approval.

2020-2021 Leadership Council Members


Senior auditors:

Carole Beauclerk
Judy Bradley, Co-chair
Larry Fester
Tom Gornick
Elka Grisham
Roy Lambert
Rebecca MacGregor
Linda Mantel, Co-chair
Dave Mitchell 
Evelyn Murphy
Barbara Simon
Steve Waddington


Eva Nuñez - Department of World Languages
John Ott - Department of History