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PSU has been welcoming older adults to audit classes on a tuition-free basis since the 1970’s, decades before this privilege became a state mandate. 

In 2010, Oregon House Bill 2011 was passed, requiring state institutions of higher education to waive tuition for any course audited by Oregon residents 65 years of age or older, if space is available and the instructor approves.

The Senior Adult Learning Center (SALC) administers the program at PSU. SALC’s costs are covered by charitable donations from senior auditors and by in-kind contributions from PSU’s Institute on Aging.

Guidelines for admitting auditors

You can decide whether or not to accept a senior auditor into your courses, or decide to limit the number of senior auditors you accept. You are not required to read or grade exams or papers from senior auditors, or to allow senior auditors to participate in classroom discussions.

Guidelines for classroom participation by auditors

The SALC office has established guidelines for classroom participation by senior auditors and regularly disseminates this information to both new and continuing auditors.

You are free to develop your own guidelines you want senior auditors to follow, and you are encouraged to communicate these preferences to senior auditors on the first day of class.

How senior auditors register

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, class registration for senior auditors is handled completely online.

To enroll in a class, senior auditors must first contact you, the instructor, via email to request permission to audit. Auditors have been instructed by SALC to contact instructors no earlier than one week prior to the start of the term. This is to ensure that space is available as most regular students interested in taking your class will have registered at this time.

Auditors then forward your approval, if you grant it, along with a registration form, to the SALC office. Once registration is complete, the names of senior auditors will appear on your class roster.

Faculty representation at SALC

The SALC Leadership Council is a volunteer group of senior auditors and faculty representatives whose role is to provide guidance and program support to enhance the auditing experience for both senior auditors and faculty members. Council members hold three-year appointments and meet quarterly.

The two faculty positions on the Council currently are held by:

  • Eva Nuñez - Professor of Spanish Linguistics, Department of World Languages and Literatures
  • John Ott - Professor and Chair, Department of History

If you have questions

SALC staff members are available to answer questions and provide information about the auditing program. They are also prepared to assist faculty members who may be having difficulties with the classroom behavior of a senior auditor. Contact SALC