Property Claims

Immediately report ALL claims involving property loss or damage to the Office of Risk Management, (503) 725-5340.

These may include, but are not limited to:

  • Building or property damage due to accidents, fire, broken pipes, vandalism, or weather.
  • Missing or damaged property due to theft.

Property claims are subject to a deductible; departments are responsible for the $1,000 deductible – report all claims regardless of dollar amount.  Risk Management will work directly with the responsible department to coordinate the repair or replacement of property. 

When an event occurs in your department, we need the following information immediately:

  • Department contact information and affected building/property.
  • A narrative of the incident, including the date and time of loss, immediate actions taken, witnesses names and statements, and necessary actions to remedy the loss.
  • Detailed inventory of damaged or lost property.

The following information is needed soon after the loss:

  • Photographs of all damaged or lost property including surrounding areas.
  • Copies of all correspondence, documentation, or other information related to the incident.

If the loss is due to a theft, break in, or vandalism, these incidents are criminal and should be reported to law enforcement immediately upon discovery.  If it occurred on the University Campus, contact PSU’s Campus Public Safety Office at (503) 725-4407.