Uniform Guidance for Federal Awards

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Uniform Guidance (UG) regulations for federally funded research are intended to increase competition and transparency on federally funded purchases of goods and services. It is the responsibility of Contracting and Procurement Services (CAPS) and Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA) to ensure that PSU fully complies with these requirements. 

In many respects, PSU continues to follow its existing procurement code. Changes have been made in the following areas: 

Solicitation Threshold. For federally funded procurements only, the threshold above which solicitations are required is $10,000. A revised Solicitation Request Form is available under "Forms & Documents" on the CAPS website. 

Non-Competitive Procurements. UG limits the use of non-competitive procurement processes such as sole source procurements. Departments should contact CAPS to discuss the use of any non-competitive procurement process. 

Conflict of Interest Certifications. Employees involved in procurements with federal funds are required to certify that no conflict of interest exists. The certification is included in the Contract Cover Sheet form. The Contract Cover Sheet and Instructions are available under "Forms & Documents" on the CAPS website. Unless otherwise indicated, a Cover Sheet must be submitted with all contracts submitted to CAPS, whether federally funded or not. Contracts for which the Cover Sheet is not required are listed in the Cover Sheet Instructions.

Please contact CAPS by email at contract@pdx.edu with any questions or concerns.