ePSU Marketplace

What is ePSU Marketplace?  

ePSU Marketplace is an online portal you can use to make purchases from a variety of suppliers*.  It offers searchable catalogs, comparison shopping, and an “online retailer-like” shopping experience.  ePSU Marketplace uses the ESM Solutions easyPurchase™ electronic procurement system.

What are the benefits of using ePSU Marketplace?  

ePSU Marketplace is fast and easy to use.  It provides one-stop shopping for multiple suppliers.  All purchases made through ePSU Marketplace are paid for with a University pCard.  The more transactions made on University pCards, the higher pCard rebate the University receives.  There are no purchase orders to generate because purchase orders cannot be used to purchase through ePSU Marketplace.  There are no supplier invoices to track and reconcile because all charges go on the pCard statement.  ePSU Marketplace automatically gives you the contracted price for the products purchased.  ePSU Marketplace gives immediate information on the availability of products and immediate confirmation of your purchase(s).

Who can use the ePSU Marketplace? 

Authorized pCard users may sign up to make purchases via the ePSU Marketplace as a General User. Users without pCards may sign up as Transfer Cart Users. Transfer Cart Users have full access to view products and initiate the purchasing process by transferring a loaded cart to an authorized purchaser who will enter payment information. Graduate Assistants and Student Employees shall only be granted access as a Transfer Cart User. Temporary employees and contractors are prohibited from being granted access to the ePSU Marketplace.

How do I sign up for ePSU Marketplace? 

You need to read the ePSU Marketplace Procedure and Guidelines and submit a fully completed and signed ePSU Marketplace Access Request and Agreement Form to eprocure@pdx.edu. Once we receive your completed form, you will receive an email from us confirming that you are set up in the system.

How do I learn how to use ePSU Marketplace?  

If you’ve ever purchased anything through an online retailer, you already know how to use ePSU Marketplace.  But, just in case, we have created a couple of resource documents (linked below) to assist our users. We also conduct regularly scheduled training. The training takes 30 minutes or less and then you have the opportunity to “play” in the system with a trainer there to assist you. To schedule a training email eprocure@pdx.edu

*Don’t see your favorite suppliers.  We will be adding more suppliers as we work to expand the system.  Let us know if there is one you would like us to consider adding by sending an email to eprocure@pdx.edu.

ePSU Marketplace Resource Documents

ePSU Marketplace Reference Guide - General User

This user guide provides a condensed overview of the ePSU Marketplace Requester Process for a General User.

ePSU Marketplace Reference Guide - Transfer Cart User

This user guide provides a condensed overview of the ePSU Marketplace Transfer Cart Process for a Transfer Cart User. 

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Amazon PunchOut Common Issues & Resolutions

This document outlines common issues faced by users within the Amazon PunchOut and proposes resolutions to the issues. 

General Questions & Issues

Have questions about the ePSU Marketplace? Running into issues when using the system?

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