Online Click-Through Agreements

Computer Lab

Online click-through agreements are often non-negotiable.  If the terms of the click-through agreement specifically state that the terms and conditions are non-negotiable, or there is no contact information (such as a phone number or email), it can be reasonably determined that the agreement is non-negotiable per OAR 137-045-0010 (17)  then PSU departments can “click-through” the on-line document and accept the agreement. If there is contact information, please forward the web link and a scan of the complete terms and conditions of the click-through agreement, with contact information for the vendor and the PSU department, to A Contracts Officer in Contracting and Procurement Services will follow up and attempt to negotiate terms and conditions with the other party.

The Contract Officer will then respond to the PSU department’s e-mail to notify them when they can proceed with the agreement. Departments are required to keep copies of all click-through agreements on file for audit review.

Procurement thresholds and processes still apply when utilizing click-through agreements to purchase goods and services.  If the item is Information Technology (IT) or Software related, then the Office of Information Technology must be consulted. OIT will maintain a list of approved products and vendors ( For IT or Software related items on the approved list, the click-through agreement can be processed by the department.  If the product or vendor has not yet been approved, OIT will work with the department and the  Contracts  Office to evaluate the item for approval.  Please contact OIT Purchasing Agent Jackie Vo at 503-725-3588 or for these agreements.