Goods & Services

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Contracting and Procurement Services provides guidance and support to the PSU community for procurements while adhering to all rules and guidelines issued by the State of Oregon and by Portland State University.  To that effect, our office first looks to the State of Oregon to see if a Qualified Rehabilitative Facility (QRF) provides a good or service requested by a department.  If no QRF provides a good or service requested we then strive to promote healthy growth for the State of Oregon by encouraging local procurements as well as procurements from businesses owned by minorities and women, as well as from emerging small businesses. Contracting and Procurement Services has been actively participating in campus-wide efforts to promote sustainability and sustainable practices.  We are available to make recommendations for ‘greener’ procurements and we have encouraged vendors to promote more sustainable goods and services at competitive rates while still providing top quality goods and services.