Accessible Procurement

Computer Lab

PSU is committed to providing all students, faculty, staff, and the public equally effective access to information and communication provided through Electronic and Information Technology (EIT). Advancing this commitment, the Electronic and Information Technology (EIT) Accessibility Policy aims to provide processes by which University administrators, faculty, and staff will create, obtain, and maintain all Electronic and Information Technology (EIT) so that it is accessible to all individuals, including those with disabilities. 

In collaboration with the Digital Accessibility Workgroup and the Office of Information Technology, the following prompting questions have been developed to help departments ensure the Electronic and Information Technology (EIT) product they are procuring meets accessibility standards and guidelines.

  1. Can users perform all functions within the product without a mouse?
  2. Has the product been tested with adaptive technology such as screen reading software? Please explain.
  3. If the product supports audio, does it support captions?
  4. Is accessibility documentation available for the product?
  5. If the product is an authoring tool, how does one create accessible content? Please demonstrate.
  6. If you answered no to any of these questions, when can we expect these issues to be addressed?