Summer 2021 Courses

PHL 201 - Intro to Philosophy                                                         
Sharpsteen Remote 6/21-8/15
General introduction to philosophy; its practice and major areas of study. Topics typically include introductions to metaphysics (study of being), epistemology (study of knowledge), philosophy of language, morality, and critical thinking.

PHL 301U – Ancient Philosophy                                                                                           
Elliott Remote 8/16-9/12
Study of Ancient Greek philosophy with a primary focus on the philosophies of Plato and Aristotle. Key topics include form, matter, substance, and causation.

PHL 303 – Early Modern Philosophy                                                                                       
Coventry Online 7/19-8/15
History of Western philosophy during the Early Modern period (17th and 18th centuries) from Descartes to Kant. Topics include nature of knowledge and reality; theories of human nature.

PHL 306U - Science and Pseudoscience                                                                                 
Seppalainen Remote 7/19-8/15
An examination of basic issues in philosophy of science through an analysis of creation science, faith healing, UFO abduction stories, and other pseudosciences. Some of the questions addressed: What distinguishes science from pseudoscience? How are theories tested? When is evidence reliable? Must we invoke the supernatural to explain certain aspects of reality?

PHL 308U – Elementary Ethics                                                                         
Jokic Remote 6/21-7/18
General introduction to ethical theories and topics such as whether there are objective moral distinctions, what makes right actions right and wrong acts wrong, and how we know (if we do) that actions are right or wrong, and how we know (if we do) that actions are right or wrong. Topics also include relativism, egoism, utilitarianism, and Kantianism (deontology).

PHL 309U – Business Ethics                                                           
Goldman Remote 7/19-8/15
Study of the ethical aspects of practices and organizational structures in the business world. The bulk of the course is devoted to specific contemporary topics, for example: the moral status of corporations; the concept of work place rights; responsibility in advertising; environmental constraints on business; affirmative action in hiring; the social roles of profit and private property; and the role of work in the life of the individual.

PHL 310U – Environmental Ethics                                                                   
Blakemore Remote 8/16-9/12
Study of our moral responsibilities with respect to the environment (e.g., treatment of non-human animals, rights of animals, trees, rivers and possibly our planet) in light of some of the central environmental problems (e.g., population growth, global warming, and endangered species). 

PHL 311U - Morality of Punishment
Jokic Remote 6/21-7/18
Nature and proper aims of punishment; moral considerations that bear on the justice and wisdom of punishment. Consideration will be given to the main theories of punishment: retributionism, utilitarianism, paternalism, and the view that punishment should be replaced by therapy.

PHL 313U - Life & Death Issues
Cohen Online 6/21-7/18
Study of moral problems dealing with life and death issues including abortion, euthanasia, the death penalty, starvation, and war.

PHL 314U - Computer Ethics
Patrick Remote 6/21-7/18
Examines the moral principles and judgments relevant for computer-related practices. Topics include: ethical aspects of new information technologies; are technologies value-laden; freedom, privacy and control; security, reliability, and professional responsibilities; piracy and ownership; ethics of hacking; ethics of virtual environment; and international aspects of new technologies.

PHL 316U – Social & Political Philosophy                                                                             
Hardy Remote 6/21-7/18
Survey of main theories of social and political justice (utilitarianism, liberal, equalitarian, communitarian, and libertarian) through classic and modern representatives.

PHL 317U - Philosophy of Art                                                                                       
Coventry Remote 7/19-8/15
A study of different systems of Asian philosophy through the main classical texts drawn from Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism. Topics include: the nature of reality, the self, causality, language, knowledge, and ethics.

PHL 320U – Critical Thinking                                                               
Seppalainen Online 7/19-8/15
Designed to improve reasoning and skills of critical assessment of information. Focuses on practical methods that are applied to case studies from public media such as editorials, essays, propaganda, advertisements, and newspaper reports of scientific studies.

PHL 324U – Intro to Formal Logic I                                                                                 
Weber Online 6/21-7/18
A course in basic formal logic. Major topics include the method of deduction for showing propositional arguments valid and the method of counter-example for showing such arguments invalid. Truth table methods, tests for consistency, and syllogistic arguments are optional topics.

PHL 367U - Philosophy of Sports                                                                                   
Spencer Remote 6/21-8/15
An examination of the central conceptual, ethical, and existential issues concerning sports. Topics include the nature and role of sports in human flourishing, theories of embodiment, and the morality of sports as an institution and culture including competition and violence.

PHL 369U – Philosophy of Sex & Love                                                   
Spencer Remote 6/21-8/15
An examination of some of the central philosophical issues emerging from a reflection of sex and love. Topics include: conceptual or ontological ones such as the possible essence of heterosexuality, homosexuality, and asexuality; ethical ones such as the morality or immorality of different expressions of sex and love such as sadomasochism, polygamy, and philandering; existential ones such as the role of sexuality and romantic love in our self-conception and a good life; epistemological ones such as the nature of our experiences of sexuality and love and the possible influence that conceptual sources have on them.

PHL 370U - Philosophy of Work & Leisure
Elliott Remote 8/16-9/12
Role and nature of work and leisure in theories of the good life and central social and political practices.

PHL 445/545 - Advanced Ethics                                                                                         
Mueller Online 6/21-8/15
A course in moral epistemology or "meta-ethics" dealing with topics such as: the distinction and connections between fact and value, "is" and "ought", and description and evaluation.