Mathematics + Statistics Graduate Programs

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PhD in Mathematical Sciences

The PhD in Mathematical Sciences at Portland State University is a research degree. It aims to develop student's ability to conduct and share original research. The program is flexible, learner driven, and provides participants with a structured environment, professional guidance, and advising support.

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PhD in Mathematics Education

The PhD in Mathematics Education develops educators with an understanding of mathematics and its teaching and learning and with the capabilities for research and professional practice in the field. 

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MS in Statistics

The MS in Statistics program prepares students to be practicing statisticians in industry, government, or academia, to teach statistics at the community college level, to enter a PhD in Statistics program, or to add a mastery of a broad range of statistical methods to an existing career.

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MA/MS in Mathematics

The Master of Arts/Master of Science in Mathematics program is designed for the student who wishes to prepare for community college teaching, industrial work in mathematics, or further advanced work toward a PhD in mathematics.

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MS in Mathematics for Teachers

The MS in Mathematics for Teachers strengthens one’s understanding of mathematics to enrich its teaching. The program prepares teachers in subjects such as geometry, algebra, analysis/calculus, history of mathematics, probability, statistics, discrete mathematics, and the use of technology in the classroom.

Graduate Certificates

The Graduate Certificate in Mathematics for Middle School Mathematics Teachers (GCMS) is designed for teachers who desire to teach middle school mathematics.  The program provides a broad mathematics background appropriate for middle school teachers, a familiarity with the current middle school curriculum ideas, and a sensitivity to the special characteristics and needs of early adolescents.

The Graduate Certificate Program in Applied Statistics (GCAS) is designed to provide a companion credential for students in other graduate programs who have demonstrated expertise in methods and techniques for the quantitative analysis and modeling of data.  However, the GCAS program equally serves those who want to pursue just the graduate certificate to advance in their careers.