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Workers' Compensation

The University is committed to providing a safe workplace with continuous improvement beginning in our Environmental Health and Safety office. If an employee experiences an accidental injury, or occupational disease that qualifies for workers' compensation protections, medical and/or time loss benefits may be available through SAIF Corporation. Information and procedures for reporting an injury and/or need for medical treatment for these types of claims is outlined below.

What is Workers' Compensation insurance?

Workers’ Compensation insurance provides benefits for workers who have a work-related injury/illness. Workers don't pay premiums, co-payments or deductibles.

SAIF Corporation is our Workers’ Compensation insurance provider and we encourage you to visit their website for detailed information about these benefits.

Who is covered by Workers’ Compensation insurance at PSU?

All paid employees including faculty, staff, and student workers are covered by Workers’ Compensation insurance and are eligible to file a Workers’ Compensation claim if they are hurt at work.

Who must report on-the-job injuries and illnesses?

ALL employees must report work-related injuries or occupational illnesses that occur on our campus (or in the course of job duties that occur off campus).

As an employee, what do I do if I get hurt on the job?

Immediately report the injury/illness to your supervisor and, if necessary, seek medical treatment. Even if you do not seek medical treatment, you must report the injury/illness to your supervisor.

Your supervisor will help you fill out the PSU Injury Report Form

You complete the top portion of the PSU Injury Report and your supervisor completes the bottom portion. You or your supervisor must immediately submit the completed form to Human Resources. PSU requires this form to meet legal reporting obligations and prevent similar occurrences.

The form should be faxed to 503-725-5896 or emailed to The original should be sent via campus mail to HRC or hand-delivered to 1600 SW 4th Avenue, Suite 518.

What if I need medical treatment for a work-related injury or illness?

You may receive medical treatment from the health care provider of your choice. For more information about medical care including billing and prescription drug coverage refer to this link on SAIF’s site.

Important: If you need medical treatment, you must fill out a second form which is called the Report of Job Injury or Illness (SAIF 801 Form).

You complete the top portion of the form and your supervisor completes the bottom.You or your supervisor must immediately submit the completed PSU Injury Report and the completed SAIF 801 Form to Human Resources. Both forms should be faxed to 503-725-5896 and the original sent via interoffice mail to HRC or hand-delivered to 1600 SW 4th Avenue, Suite 518.

As a supervisor, what do I do if one of my employees is injured on the job?

If one of your employees is injured, be sure to provide appropriate medical care or first aid. Then notify Human Resources.

Next, fill out the PSU Injury Report. If the employee needs medical attention, complete the SAIF 801 form in addition to the Injury Report. Additional information on filing a claim, including forms in English and Spanish are available on the SAIF website. If the injured worker is unable fill out their portion of the forms, ask Human Resources to help

Forms should be faxed to 503-725-5896 or emailed to and the original sent via interoffice mail to HRC or hand-delivered to 1600 SW 4th Avenue, Suite 518.


  • Prompt reporting shows that you are concerned for your employee.
  • PSU is required to submit forms to SAIF right away.
  • If the completed forms are not immediately forwarded to Human Resources and the worker decides later to file a claim with SAIF, the worker may have difficulty proving their case.

How will I know if a Workers' Compensation claim has been accepted or denied?

After your supervisor submits the completed forms to Human Resources, the forms are immediately forwarded to SAIF. Generally, you will know if your claim has been accepted or denied within 60 days of the date SAIF receives your forms. When they reach a decision, SAIF will notify you. If your claim is denied, you will be given a specific amount of time to appeal the decision.

What are my rights and responsibilities if I file a claim for Workers’ Compensation?

The Workers' Compensation Division publishes this guide to the Oregon workers' compensation benefits, rights and responsibilities. Not meeting your responsibilities may cause your claim to be delayed or denied.

What expenses will Workers' Compensation insurance cover?

For accepted work-related injuries, Workers' Compensation insurance pays for medical treatment related to the accepted condition and lost wages beyond the first three days (if authorized by the attending physician or authorized nurse practitioner). Injured workers also may be entitled to payments for permanent disability, travel expenses to seek treatment for the accepted condition, reinstatement to their former job or, if necessary, vocational assistance. For a summary of Workers' Compensation benefits you may visit SAIF’s website.

Can I be charged for medical treatment if I am on Workers' Compensation?

There are circumstances where you may be required to pay for medical treatment. Please refer to the Worker Guide on SAIF’s website for information related to Workers' Compensation and medical bills.

What if I am not able to return to work right away?

If you cannot return to work right away due to physical restrictions or constraints, SAIF will work with your attending physician (or authorized nurse practitioner) to assist in returning you to a transitional job whenever possible. For more information please refer to SAIF’s website.

What if I miss time from work due to my injury, will I be paid?

If your injuries require you to miss work, you may be eligible for temporary disability benefits (also called time loss benefits) if your attending physician authorizes you to be away from work. The following link will direct you to the SAIF time loss benefits page.

What if I still have questions about Workers' Compensation?

If you have questions about Workers' Compensation or have had an on-the-job injury or illness, you may contact Human Resources at 503-725-4926 or visit SAIF’s website or call them at 800-285-8525.

You may also wish to visit the PSU Safety Committee website.