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Evaluating Employees

The University recognizes the importance of employee evaluation systems, and is committed to providing employees with valuable feedback regarding their performance. All employees benefit from feedback on their work performance. The following are some suggestions to assist you:

  • Performance appraisals need not be complicated or time consuming, but they are an important part of the work experience. As a supervisor, you also need some kind of record to use in performance discussions, salary reviews and to provide an accurate reference for your employee.
  • Appraisals should be a two-way discussion between supervisor and employee and should encompass the duties that have been performed and those that could be improved upon.
  • Some supervisors may give appraisals more frequently than listed below. Others may use the required appraisal period.
  • Formal appraisals never take the place of day-to-day coaching and direction. Rather, the appraisal serves as a summary and documentation of performance.

It is the policy of PSU to formally evaluate all employees on a regular basis according to the schedule requirements for specific employee groups as follows:

Review Schedule by Employee Groups

Classified Employees

Generally, every employee represented by SEIU shall receive a performance evaluation annually by the employee’s eligibility date (SEIU bargaining agreement, Article 54, Section 2). Employees who are completing trial service as a result of a promotion receive an evaluation on the first of the month following completion of the six-month promotional trial service, and annually thereafter. A performance evaluation is not required at the end of initial trial service. For more information on trial service employees, see Article 34 of the SEIU bargaining agreement.

Human Resources will provide email reminders as evaluation and trial service end dates approach for Classified Employees. If you do not receive an email reminder please contact Human Resources at 503-725-4926 and ask to speak with an Employee Relations Specialist or email

Please note, there are two evaluation forms for classified employees: One specific to information technology positions (follow the Instructions for IT Classified Performance Appraisal); and one for all other classifications.

The following positions fall under the IT classifications and should be evaluated by using the IT-specific form:

  • Operations Specialist
  • Equipment Systems Specialist
  • Information Technology Consultant
  • Operating Systems/Network Analyst
  • Analyst Programmer

Refer to the Performance Evaluations section of the Policies, Contracts & Forms page for forms.

AAUP/Academic Professionals

Annual reviews are due to HR by the third Monday in May each year as per AAUP bargaining agreement Article 17 Sec 8(a). Deadlines set by OAA for personnel actions may be found on their Policies & Reference page, under Academic Personnel Policies.

Departments/work units may select from two appraisal forms with the proviso that once selected the same form be used consistently for all Academic positions within the department/unit.

Refer to the Performance Management section of the Policies, Contracts & Forms page for forms.

AAUP/Fixed Term Faculty

Annually during years 1-6, every 3 years after year 6 if on a multiple year contract; as per AAUP bargaining agreement Article 18 Sec 3(a)(6).

Each department/academic unit shall establish guidelines for review that are approved by the Dean and Provost in compliance with Article 18. For fixed-term faculty on an annual appointment, review completed by March 15; those on a multi-year appointments, review completed by June 15 of the first year of the multi-year appointment

Tenure Track Faculty

Annual review and major review at years three and six as per Promotion and Tenure Guidelines. Each department establishes its peer review systems as per the P&T Guidelines.

Post Tenured Faculty

As per AAUP bargaining agreement Article 16 and the departmental schedule for post tenure reviews.

Each tenured faculty member shall be assigned a review committee. The faculty of each academic unit shall adopt formal procedures for the selection of peer review committees that are subject to approval by the Office of Academic Affairs as part of the departmental guidelines. These procedures must be published and distributed to all members of the organizational unit to whom they apply.

AFT/Adjunct Faculty

Once every six terms worked by request as per Article 7 Sec 7 of the AFT collective bargaining agreement.

Each department establishes its own review system within the framework provided by the:

Unclassified/ Unrepresented/ Excluded Employees

Annually each fiscal year. The department/work unit may establish a review system utilizing existing forms, available on the Human Resource's Web site, or select the approach and appraisal tool that best meets their needs with the approval of Human Resources and in conformance with established criteria. Once the approach is determined the same form and process must be used consistently for all unclassified/unrepresented positions within the department/unit. Performance reviews for excluded employees may differ for ranked and unranked positions. Departments/work units may select the most suitable approach with approval of the VP/Provost or Human Resources.

Refer to the Performance Management section of the Policies, Contracts & Forms page for forms.

Student Employees

Student employees would benefit from feedback on their work performance. You may use your discretion to determine if student employee performance evaluation is an informal discussion or through a written appraisal. Depending on the planned length of employment, reviews can be conducted annually or every six months.

Refer to the Performance Management section of the Policies, Contracts & Forms page for forms.