Hatfield Graduate Journal of Public Affairs

Call for Editors

The Hatfield Graduate Journal of Public Affairs is looking for editors to join its staff. 

The HGJPA is a graduate student–led journal created to highlight research and practice across the public affairs spectrum. The Journal invites contributions from students, faculty, and practitioners. Positions available include: 


The editor will be responsible for coordinating all operations as well as proposing policies governing the journal. The Editor will also work closely with PDXScholar to coordinate the online publishing of each final manuscript. They will be responsible for managing and maintaining the Digital Commons website associated with the Journal. They will ensure that ISBNs and Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) are applied to each volume and submission.  

Associate Editors 

Associate Editors will help run the operations of the journal under the coordination of the coeditors and review submissions, approve articles for publication, and conduct editing and formatting of articles.