About The Hatfield School of Government 

The Hatfield School offers real-world application of studies only steps away from the classroom. Students actively engage in a variety of hands-on public service projects throughout Oregon, the nation, and the world. Students from a myriad of national and international backgrounds thrive in expounding their education in political science, public administration, and criminology and criminal justice. Our school fosters these passions with top tier faculty and a flexible learning environment. Our interdisciplinary programs and departments create a challenging and instructive environment to maximize your educational goals.

Set in the vibrant heart of thriving downtown Portland, students relish in the unique identity and cultures of the urban campus setting. As we promote engagement and opportunities for students to advance their education, our students are at the forefront of promoting change in the community.

The School’s degree, certificate, and continuing education programs are shaped by three overarching values: the importance of public service, the pursuit of social justice, and the quest for effective innovation in service delivery. We achieve our mission through a range of teaching, research, publishing, and consulting activities that balance practice and theory.

The mission and legacy of Senator Hatfield are reflected through the faculty and their teachings at the Hatfield School. We recognize and embrace political diversity and collaboration demonstrated by Senator Hatfield's own commitment to service and politics. We acknowledge the passing of former President George H.W. Bush and his own relationship with Senator Hatfield and their legacy in government, the community, and public service.