Hatfield School of Government

Dedicated to public service and social justice, the Hatfield School does more than teach — we prepare students for community leadership and for making the world a better place.

About the Hatfield School

Set in the vibrant heart of thriving downtown Portland, students relish in the unique identity and cultures of the urban campus setting. As we promote engagement and opportunities for students to advance their education, our students are at the forefront of promoting change in the community.

Expounding on the principles of the distinguished Mark O. Hatfield, our namesake school of government seeks to develop engaged citizens throughout Oregon and beyond. The School’s degree, certificate, and continuing education programs are shaped by three overarching values: the importance of public service, the pursuit of social justice, and the quest for effective innovation in service delivery. We achieve our mission through a range of teaching, research, publishing, and consulting activities that balance practice and theory.