Currently Accolades: Presented for January 4, 2021

A man points to a presentation


Every week during the academic year, Currently celebrates faculty and staff accomplishments, including appearances on panels, presentations, recent publications or performances, and research grants.

  1. Cynthia Carmina Gómez, Cultural Resource Centers executive director, presented on a panel titled “Uncovering the Hidden History of Anti-Immigrant Discrimination in Oregon” as part of the Confronting Hate Series organized by The Jewish Federation of Oregon and Latino Network on Dec. 3.
  2. Berrin Erdogan, business faculty, virtually presented “Publishing in Personnel Psychology” as part of the Learning Series at George Mason University on Nov 17.
  3. Stephanie Erev, political science faculty, presented “Stephanie Erev on Bats, Heterogeneity and Multispecies Ethics,” published on YouTube, on Dec. 7.
  4. Jon Fink, geology faculty, and Idowu (Jola) Ajibade, geography faculty, presented “Separating the Signal From the Noise: Identifying and Preparing for Cascading Disasters Involving Volcanic Eruptions in the 2020s” at the American Geophysical Union Virtual Conference on Dec 9.  
  5. Michele Gamburd, anthropology faculty, presented a paper titled “Proper Conjunctions of Bodies: Chastity, Age, and Care Work in Sri Lankan Migrants’ Families” on the panel “Transnational Caring and Domestic Work” at the virtual webinar and workshop “Aging and Migration,” organized by the University of Manchester, UK, on Dec. 4.  
  6. Joel Owens, business faculty, remotely presented “Ability, Overconfidence and Contract Framing” at the Northwest Accounting Research Group Conference in Leavenworth, Washington, on Nov. 7.
  7. Hyeyoung Woo, sociology faculty, gave an invited talk titled “IAS-Focus on Korea; Lecture by Dr. Woo” for the PSU Institute for Asian Studies.