Currently Accolades: People for January 25, 2021

Two researchers stand on an iced-over body of water


  1. Deborah Arthur, University Studies faculty, was interviewed for the article “Federal Grants Restored for Incarcerated Students,” written by Meerah Powell with OPB.
  2. Steven A. Bleiler, mathematics and statistics faculty, discussed the Powerball and Mega Millions lottery drawings on KOIN (6) and six radio stations around the country.
  3. Scott Burns, geology faculty emeritus, gave two interviews on KGW (8) and KOIN (6) on Jan. 13 about landslides in the Portland area and Gorge. Burns was also interviewed by KOIN (6) on Jan. 18 about earthquakes on Mt. Hood.
  4. David Cadiz, business, was interviewed for the article “Experts Weigh in on Current Job Market Trends” published by Zippia.