The Geology Department has established this web page as a way for alumni to keep in contact with each other, and to provide a place where current students can find out what former-students are doing. This list provides names and mailing addresses only for those students and alumni who have asked that their names be placed here, otherwise the listing is limited to an e-mail or web page address. If you would like to be on the list please e-mail Alex M Ruzicka.



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Larry Chitwood, PSU Geology alumni, passes away in 2008, at 65 years old (click for newspaper article)



Memorial Tributes to Former Faculty

Memorial Tribute to Gilbert T. Benson (19xx - 2011)

Memorial Tribute to Gene Pierson (19xx - 2010)

Memorial Tribute to Robert O. Van Atta (1923-2005)

Memorial Tribute to Marvin H. Beeson (1937-2004)

Memorial Tribute to Leonard A. Palmer (1931-2001)

Memorial Tribute to Dr. Paul W. Howell (19xx - 1972)


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