Currently Accolades: Presented for April 19, 2021

Man standing in front of mural


  1. Miriam Abelson, women, gender, and sexuality studies, presented “Live and Let Live? Effects of the 2016 and 2020 Elections on Rural LGBTQ People” at the Pacific Sociological Association Annual Conference on March 20.
  2. Jola Ajibade, geography faculty, gave an invited virtual talk titled “Societal Transformation, Climate Adaptation and Ethics of Change” at Wesleyan University, Connecticut on April 8.
  3. Jola Ajibade, geography faculty, was a discussant for “Perspective on Urban Political Ecology, Disaster Studies and Resilience Planning” at the American Association of Geographers Virtual Conference on April 8. 
  4. Deborah Arthur, university studies faculty, and student co-panelists incarcerated at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility presented “Coffee Talk: Connections and Community Through Higher Education” at the Sustaining Connections: Community Building in Prisons Through Higher Education conference hosted by Marymount Manhattan College on April 10. The panel highlighted the collaborative effort to develop PSU’s Higher Education in Prison Program at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility. 
  5. Carrie Collenberg-Gonzalez, world languages and literatures, gave an invited talk titled “Sehkompetenz und der Einsatz von Filmen und Bildern im Unterricht” at the Southern California Association of Teachers of German workshop on April 10.
  6. Stephanie Erev, political science, gave an invited talk titled “Revisiting Whitehead and Process Philosophy with Stephanie Erev and Jakkob Zinsstag” via Facebook with The Coronavirus Multispecies Reading Group.
  7. Shirley A. Jackson, sociology faculty, presented “‘The Way They See Us’: How Social Justice Advocates Exclude Black Women” and “Hijacked!: How Portland, Oregon, Went from Black Lives Matter to Rebels Without a Cause” at the Pacific Sociological Association annual meeting on March 19.
  8. Daniel Jaffee, sociology faculty, presented a paper titled “Challenging the Perfect Commodity: Bottled Water, Commodification and Contestation” at the Pacific Sociological Association conference.
  9. Maura Kelly, sociology faculty, gave a company-wide remote presentation to Andersen Construction on the recruitment and retention of a diverse construction workforce.
  10. Jungmin Kwon, film faculty, presented “K(Q)ueer-pop for Another World: Toward a Theorization of Gender and Sexuality in K-pop” at the Theorizing the Korean Wave Conference on April 10.
  11. Jason Kyler-Yano, Serena Hasworth, Walter Dawson, and Jaclyn Winfree, Institute on Aging, participated in a virtual policy forum with legislators and leaders in the field of aging and behavioral health to evaluate the Behavioral Health Initiative for Older Adults and People with Physical Disabilities 
  12. Marie Lo, English faculty, served as the discussant for the panel “Unsettling Military and Techno-Imperialisms with Asian American Speculative Literature: Some Counter-Narratives to the Logics of Securitization” at the annual conference of the Association for Asian American Studies on April 9. 
  13. Marie Lo, English faculty, presented “Vietnam as ‘Indian Country’: Homesteading and Precarity in Bich Minh Nguyen’s Pioneer Girl” at the annual conference of the Association for Asian American Studies on April 10.
  14. Marie Lo, English faculty, presented at a roundtable titled “Asian American Studies in/about Oregon” at the annual conference of the Association for Asian American Studies on April 10.
  15. Staci B. Martin, social work faculty; Kara Gournaris EdD ’19; Zafreen Jaffery EdD ’12; Lisa Hatfield MA ’03 EdD ’15; Su-Jin Jung MA ’08 EdD ’16; Li Xiang EdD ’16; Ingrid Anderson, education; and Micki M. Caskey, education faculty, co-authored “EdD Graduate Perspectives: Uplifting Our Own Voices,” published in Impacting Education: Journal on Transforming Professions.
  16. Sonja Taylor, university studies faculty, presented on Using Digital Storytelling Professionally at a conference series through the Center for Research on Storytelling in Education.
  17. Hyeyoung Woo, sociology faculty, served as a faculty panelist for the Professional Development Series with the Research on East Asian Demography and Inequality (READI) at Princeton University on March 31.
  18. Hyeyoung Woo, sociology faculty, served as a session discussant for the Research Network on Education, Family, and Inequality in Korea (EFIK) Graduate Student Conference on March 22.
  19. Hyeyoung Woo, sociology faculty, served as a panelist on “Thinking about Being an Editor? What You Need to Know” at the Annual Meetings of Pacific Sociological Association on March 21.