Film Elective List

International Cinema and Film Curriculum Electives

Film Elective List

International Cinema

AR 399 Arabic Cinema

BST 353 African Women in Film

BST 356 Cuban Film: Politics and Culture

BST 363 African Cinema and African Cultures

COMM 362 Bollywood: Communicating Contermporary South Asia through Cinema

DANE 361 Danish Films from Dreyer to Dogmer

FR 105 French Film

FR 305 Topics in French Film

GER 399 History of German Film

GER 399 New German Cinema

GER 410 Modern German Film

HEB 399 Israeli Cinema

IT 361

JPN 361 Japanese Literature Through Film

KOR 399 Intro to Korean Cltr/Soc Film

MGRK 361 Modern Greece Through Film

RUS 331 Russian Film Topics

SPAN 430 Ibero-American Film

TUR 361 Turkey Through Film


Film Curriculum Electives

Any FILM course, EXCEPT FILM 331U

BST 424 African American/African Culture in Cinema

BST 425 Black Cinema: The 1970s

BST 426 Contermporary African American Cinema

BST 427 African American Films and Film Makers

ENG 305 Topics in Film

ENG 334 Topics in Film Genres and Movements

ENG 335 Topics in Literture and Film

ENG 435 Advanced Topics in Film and Media

HST 497 Film and History

MUS 365 Film Music

PHE 455 

PS 317 Film and Politics

SOC 454 Sociology Through Film

SPAN 436 Major Topics: Latin American Multiple Genres

USP 314 The City in Film

WS 309 Disney: Gender, Race, and Empire