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Department Highlights

Dr. Meredith Holgerson, a post-doc in Dr. Angela Strecker’s lab, was awarded the Raymond Lindeman award from the Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO). The award recognizes a young scientist for an outstanding paper in the field of aquatic sciences. You can read her article here, Nature Geoscience. Meredith’s work discovered that small ponds play an important role in global carbon emissions from inland freshwaters. 
Dr. Meenakshi Rao, a post-doc in Dr. Linda George's STAR Lab, and Bennett Battaile of Spatial Reasoning, won first prize in the AGU OpenAPI Challenge for their web app, AGU Explorer.
Three ESM graduate students won awards at the 2017 Oregon State of the Coast Conference. The People's Choice Award for Best Poster was awarded to both Britta Baechler and Dorothy Horn. Both are studying mircoplastics in nearshore organisms. Kaegan Scully-Engelmeyer's poster on linkages between forestry practices and bivalves was awarded 3rd place.

Dr. Patrick Edwards was awarded two grants to study stream restoration projects around the Portland Metropolitan region. Working with regional high school students, this project will use data generated by citizen scientists to monitor the impact of stream restoration projects on stream insect communities at Gales Creek in Hillsboro, Rock Creek in Estacada and Carli Creek in Clackamas.

Greg Ruiz and Brian Steves, two researchers instrumental to the joint ESM-SERC (Smithsonian Environmental Research Center) Aquatic Bioinvasion Research and Policy Institute, are part of a team whose study on Transoceanic species dispersal from tsunamis and its implications for marine biogeography was just published in Science.

Dr. Amy Truitt and Dr. Catherine de Rivera have teamed up with Dr. Randy Zelick from Biology and Dr. Lauren Chan from Pacific University with funding from the NSF to use genetic analysis to better understand urban and rural landscape connectivity for Rana aurora, red legged frog, in the greater Portland Metropolitan Area.

Dr. Mark Sytsma, Dr. Catherine de Rivera, and Dr. Angela Strecker received funding from Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission to monitor lakes and rivers in the Columbia River Basin for the presence of invasive zebra and quagga mussels.

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Department Publications

Edwards, P. M., Shaloum, G. and Bedell, D. (2017), A unique role for citizen science in ecological restoration: a case study in streams. Restor Ecol. doi:10.1111/rec.12622

Dresner, M., Van Winkle, J., Copp Franz, S. (2017). Tree composition and abundance patterns differ in two watersheds of Forest Park, a large Pacific Northwest urban forest. Arboricultural Journal.

Dresner, M., Moldenke, A. (2017). Gardening for Wildlife: Tree canopy and small-scale planting influences on arthopod and bird abundance. Cities and the Environment. 

Turner, BC, de Rivera, CE, Hepner, ME (2017). Examining inducible defenses to novel predators across native and introduced populations. Marine Ecological Progress Sereis 574: 13-27.

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